The World According to Joey: 061212

Whew, it’s been quite a while since my last Joey-centric post and I know most of you are probably wondering what the little boybie’s been up to. Well, he’s still as cute as ever and his antics even funnier/more touching, depending on his mood.

On a date with my little man at my favorite comfort food place

A few weeks ago, Joey couldn’t go to sleep and would keep on crying. Turns out, he and his yaya watched a local show where a man and a couple of kids were hungry and stealing food.
Me: Joey, stop crying. It’s only a TV show.
Joey: But mom, do people really go hungry? Are they going to steal food?
Me: Yes, a lot of people go hungry and don’t have money to buy food.
Joey: But mom, what if they keep crying and their food runs out?
Me: Then they will steal food.
Joey: I don’t like people going hungry. I don’t want them to steal my food.
Me: Ok…
Joey: Mom, let’s give them food okay?
It was a tearful exchange and I’m quite proud that Joey is starting to think of people other than himself (actually, he’s quite selfless, often letting other kids play his toys or take his food in the playground). Last Christmas, hubby and I took him on our Christmas Eve food-giving and he helped us pack the food I cooked and distribute them to the settlers outside the BSP (how ironic, that these homeless people would find temporary shelter right outside the gates of the Central Bank).
I promised the brat we’d do a food-giving event later this month or next.

At Timezone for our mommy-Joey bonding last weekend

I took Joey to a toy store a couple of weeks back, with a stern warning that we are only to get one Lego box and not the most expensive one. Knowing that Joey always does as per our “deal” I had no worries as we stepped into the store.
I immediately saw that the biggest Lego boxes they have weren’t that expensive at all and were around the price I was actually willing to shell out so I told Joey to pick anything that he likes.
To my surprise, Joey shook his head and said no, and proceeded to point at the SMALLEST Lego toy in the store. I was so touched I took the biggest box and offered it to him. But he still said no.
Joey: Mom, maybe you can just buy that for me on Christmas coz it’s expensive.
As for me? Well, I was so proud of my well-behaved kiddo that I got him the big box and the small box he chose. J And just so you know, Joey has never EVER cried at a toy store, even when we go there to buy toys for other kids and don’t get anything for him. How many moms can claim their kid behaves like Joey?


Last week, Joey suddenly started crying and hugged me as we were getting ready for bed.
Joey: Mom, you’re not so young anymore and you might die soon.
Me: But Joey, I’m not as young as you but I’m still young.
Joey: Mom, when people go to heaven do they come back to earth? And if mommy’s good and you’re good, we’ll go to heaven and see each other there.
Me: No, Joey, when people die they stay that way. And when they go to heaven, they stay there forever.
Joey is learning to love my favorite dessert!
Joey: (sobbing even more) Mom, what if I can’t find you in heaven?
Me: Don’t worry, we’ll find each other in heaven.
Joey: What does heaven look like?
Me: It’s a very beautiful place. It can be what you want it to be.
Joey: I don’t want it to be anything else. I want it to look like our home. 
I started crying after that. Don’t you just wish grown up could think like kids sometimes, when everything is much simpler?
Joey: Mom, when I grow up, can you send me the pictures of me and my toys you have on your computer and your iphone?
Me: Okay. But why?
Joey: So that I will remember and I will show to my kid.
Me: Why? Because you’re going to miss it?
Joey: Yes! And take pictures of yourself and send it to me too. Promise mom?
Ahh, so sweet.

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