Hongkong Disneyland Hotel

I’m a kid at heart and Joey loves everything Disney (he doesn’t watch any other kiddie channel, although he knows about them) so it was really a no-brainer that this would be our hotel of choice. Plus, it was so convenient – all we had to do was take the train from the airport, and two stations later we transferred to what was unmistakably the Disney Express:
Look at those ears!

Guests staying at either the Hollywood Hotel or the Disneyland Hotel don’t even have to walk; they can take the shuttle to and from the park to their hotel. Waiting time was practically non-existent as the longest wait we had was probably less than five minutes.

And what cute little buses! I felt like a kid all over again.  

The hotel shuttle
This is a very kid-friendly hotel and the lobby was no exception – upon entering the hotel, smiling statues of Mickey and Minnie immediately greet you and kids can sit at the waiting area while their parents check-in; of course, to keep the kids busy, Disney Junior is playing 24/7 on the screen. Kiddo’s obviously not complaining.

Every peso (or dollar, in this case) was well-spent. And as a bonus, we got upgraded from the sea view room to the sea view with balcony with sweeping views of the pool, garden and the sea! A very nice early birthday treat for me. 
Victorian-inspired hotel, complete with turrets, amidst a lush garden and facing the sea
Look at the maze!

Me and the Boybie pretending to be lost in the middle of the maze

Joey enjoying running down a small mound in the garden

View from our balcony
The room wasn’t particularly big but and it came with a luxurious bath room complete with a tub so it was big by HK standards. What we loved about this hotel was it wasn’t pretentious. I know, it looks like a Victorian castle and all but then, this is Disneyland and we were given a Snow White-themed room. And the materials used didn’t look cheap and forced (I’m looking at you, Venetian Hotel, with all your plywood walls and fake cornices).

Yes, I squealed with delight upon seeing these!

Toiletries in potion bottles. Yep, no mistaking I’m in a fairytale.

A note of warning though: food is quite expensive here. Breakfast is not included in the room rates and the buffet can set you back upwards of HKD300. Ala carte was a bit friendlier, with each dish costing around HKD150. 
We were quite famished when we got there – me especially as I was coming straight from work with only two hours of sleep before I hopped on the plane and had not had a decent meal – so we decided to eat at Walt’s Cafe (buffets are served at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant). 
Again, I had to repress my squeal of delight as it was too cute.

The restaurant has a kid’s menu which I think offred value for money as the little kiddo got macaroni and cheese, fresh fruits, and hot chocolate.
The burger was really good.

And of course, what hotel would be complete without a gift shop? And of course, this being the Disneyland Hotel, the shop was filled to the rafters with Disney stuff. I had to stop myself from buying that crystal encrusted Minnie Mouse watch and sequined top (on hindsight, I should have bought it – hubby didn’t take the hint). Hahaha. 

We only stayed one night but judging from the boybie’s peaceful sleep that night, we will definitely come back for more. 😀

* All photos by the hubby except for the food, train and Joey shots.

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