The Luxe Manor

To be honest, I had a hard time deciding on our second hotel when we went to HK last week. I wanted to find a big enough room in a good location, with breakfast, free wifi, shuttle service, and most importantly, affordable. I’m not very picky when it comes to rooms but I really need a good bathroom and a nice bed. 
And I also wanted to stay in a unique hotel.
Fine, I am picky. The hubby accuses me of splurging too much on hotels. Hahaha.
So, it took me weeks of googling before I decided on The Luxe Manor. Fickle-minded me booked only one night via (which by the way, I recommend – hassle free. I’ve been booking hotels for myself and our family using this site for years) in case I change my mind, but after thinking it over for a couple more weeks, decided to book the remaining nights at this hotel.

A boutique hotel built sometime in the mid 2000’s, The Luxe Manor’s location was idyllic for us – it was in Kowloon, but tucked into Kimberly Avenue, one turn from major thoroughfare Nathan Road (Joey and I counter – it was only 100 steps from the intersection of Nathan and Kimberly). It was close enough to the Tsim Tsa Tsui station, too so you can fairly go anywhere from this point.

We almost missed it because there were no big signs on the building – so thanks to google maps, which said I was standing right in front of it. Hahaha.
The hotel doors – which is kept close most of the time as it serves more as a side entrance; guests would usually take the front door- a nondescript glass door with a small plaque bearing the hotel’s name)

Inside, the hotel looked (and smelled!!!) every bit as promised on their website. It was chic, romantic, and very unique. We were greeted with a lot of black and red furniture, walls, and ghost chairs.
The lobby to the Dada lounge (I heard it’s a bar, but as we were travelling with a kid, we didn’t get to try it)

Pardon the shot, I think I took this using my iphone which was by then, running on its last bits of energy.
The reception – so chic!

All floors were decked in patterned red carpet, and the walls in rich browns, which made it look so opulent.

The room wasn’t as big as Disneyland hotel, but by HK standards, it was pretty big. Mind you, I’ve seen hotel rooms so small, the bed was pushed to the wall with the windows hugging both its sides!

I love what they did with this antique-looking cabinet – open it and voila! You have a refrigerator.

See that gilded mirror? It’s an LCD TV!

Like I said, I wanted to stay in a hotel that already has free breakfast in its rates. Unfortunately, it was only for two adults so Joey had to phoney up HK$150 for his buffet. He didn’t eat much, just the fries and apple juice, so we figured, spending that much wasn’t ideal. So the next day, we opted to just buy him a big breakfast at the nearby which was cheaper at HK$25 and which he actually enjoyed more – he finished off everything!
I want that chair!

On to the food – it was very good. I loved that they offered Continental/American breakfast instead of Chinese (which I dreaded – to those wondering, I actually don’t like Chinese food. It’s my least favourite cuisine) so I heaped lots of smoked salmon, cold cuts, and various cheeses on my plate. Oh, and I got myself two jars of fruity yogurt and glasses of skimmed milk and apple juice. Haha.

I have to commend the hotel staff – so nice! And after a busy day at Ocean Park on my birthday, we were surprised with a very delicious chocolate cake waiting for us in our room! How thoughtful! I have never celebrated my birthday properly before (my birthday is a dreadful time for accountants – it belongs to the “closing” period, so I usually spend it working, haha) so I can’t tell if other hotels to this but really. My opinion of this hotel just went up several notches. 
Very beautiful presentation. It was almost too pretty to eat that we ended up just looking at it for hours.

Best of all? Our flight was at 830am so we had to leave the hotel at 6am – which means we wouldn’t be able to have our breakfast. The staff were so nice to prepare a breakfast box for us at no extra charge! Little stuff like this really made them stand out in our books. We are definitely coming back.

On a side note, this was probably one of my best birthdays ever as I got to fulfill several dreams – go to Disneyland with the family (mababaw ang kaligayahan ko), see pandas (seriously, I wanted to have my picture taken with the panda but it was so darn expensive! Maybe next time), and not spend a single minute of it working. 

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