Food Trip: Atelier 317

I guess it’s no secret that hubby and I love to eat and as much as we have our favorites, we are always on the lookout for something new. And lately, I’ve been quite addicted to monitoring the deal sites, and that’s how I ended up buying two vouchers for Atelier 317. 

The name of the place itself was intriguing – like a work of art or something. Plus the menu sounded good. On the week of its expiry, I managed to nag the hubby into coming with me and after a bit of an adventure (getting to the place was quite a feat – it wasn’t located somewhere we were both familiar with, although, on hind sight, it sort of was as it was just a stone’s throw away from Rockwell), we finally located the quaint two-story townhouse. 
Actually, what came into my mind when we saw the place was, is this it? Did we get lost? I mean, it was in an unassuming residential community and the townhouse was rather small and too cozy. 

Inside were three tables, two of which were good enough for two people, and another one good enough for four (I’ve read that they can only seat 15 people at a time but given the size of the place, I’m not sure how they would be able to accommodate them at the same time). Ambiance was quite romantic, with soft lighting and music playing in the background. 
little trinkets

Appetizer was served as soon as we were seated. In fairness, the lone waiter was very courteous and unobtrusive, and explained each dish to us. I loved the pumpkin soup which had a subtle hint of spice, and the tomato with white cheese – I don’t really eat tomatoes when they’re cut this big (I prefer them sliced, diced, and mixed with lots of other veggies in my salsa) but the cheese nicely completed the juicy taste of the tomatoes.
Flamed Kesong Puti Caprese Salad,
Gourmet Cheese Pimiento Tartine and Spiced Pumpkin Soup Shooter.

Up next was the main course, rather, sampler – as we had three dishes. It was actually smart of them to offer these items in such small servings as I don’t think I could have finished an entire plate of truffle mushroom lasagna. It was okay but not something I would rave about; too much mushroom for me. The hubby loved it though. 
I didn’t get to finish the chicken so I guess that means I didn’t like it. It wasn’t tasty enough for me that I couldn’t even guess what it was supposed to be. On the bright side, the chicken was well-done with no icky blood oozing anywhere; again, hubby loved it (am I developing a more discerning palate than the hubby???).
I did love the adobo, but would still rate it below Sonya’s Garden’s sinful adobo. And the hubby’s own.

Beef Adobo, Truffle Mushroom Lasagna, Red Rice, and Bicol Chicken Express

Last was dessert – which I thoroughly enjoyed. The cupcake was simply delish! I heard they serve cupcakes by Patti (the Etc host) and I must say, she has a future in baking. They were very pretty, what with the gold “beads” and they tasted sweet and milky, but not too sweet as to make me gag. We also got some ice cream (according to the voucher, it was white chocolate black truffle ice cream and we should have had green tea mousse as well, but anyway, I was too full by then or maybe they changed it) which I loved.

I think dessert was my favorite part of the night’s food trip.

Mini Cupcake, White
Chocolate Ice Cream

We washed down everything with some decaf – quite the perfect way to cap it all off. Honestly, I don’t take coffee after meals but it worked well enough for me. 
The cup reminded me of the little ceramics I bought in one of my business trips to Indonesia
Verdict? Food was okay. It was definitely not bad, a few hits, some misses. And it was quite pricey if I hadn’t gotten a deal online (I think I paid only 50% of what would have been Php1,900 per head). So, the  probability of me going back there is slim, unless I find another deal online. But if you like taking your meals in private, well, this one’s for you.:D

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