HK: Random Shots

I wanted to take lots of photos during this trip, since it’s our first trip abroad as a family. And to that end, I even got myself a decent camera. Hihi. 😀

Goofing around the train station
Super clean! It’s an old coach but look how spotless!

We found a nice little resto (sadly, I forgot the name) a few meters from our hotel which served yummy noodles and dimsum. And most importantly, chicken (the brat would not eat any other dish except if it has chicken)!

Soo cute. I still can’t believe this cute boy is mine. Hahaha. So cute several tourists would approach him and smile at him, and I would overhear some of them commenting how cute he is. I therefore conclude Joey’s cuteness is universal.

Loved this meal! I think it’s one of the best we had during this trip.

I didn’t get to shop (ridiculous, but true) but we did manage to get some trinkets at Disneyland (more out of necessity – had to buy the umbrella and rain coat since it was raining cats and dogs when we arrived, and had to buy the sunglasses for Joey on our last day). Our total purchases entitled us to get the cup and saucer at almost 70% off, so we got those too.

The train stations are very clean and have decent stores (unlike here in Manila, where everything is mucky in the train stations), and we found some really cool cakes:

I would have bought this, if I thought we could eat it. But, we’re not big cake fans.

Yellow love!
On our last day, hubby insisted on going to this obscure Catholic bookstore. I’m glad we did though, coz we found an exorcist book which I am dying to read (hubby’s taking forever!) and look who else we saw on a side street?

Jollibee! Of course, it was full of Pinoys inside (although I spied a couple of Caucasians as well)

Right along the corner from the jolly little bee, is BDO. Too bad, you can’t withdraw from this bank using PH atms (we tried our BPI atms and they didn’t work)

We weren’t planning on going anywhere after that, but figured, why waste our last day in HK? So off we went to the Peak Tram to ride the steep funicular.


Here it comes!

Standing room only. Good thing hubby and I were fast enough to grab seats.

Didn’t really want to go to the wax museum, so we just walked around and headed back to our hotel (it was super hot that day, I got sunburns!), but not before a glimpse of this:

View of the city from the peak

Spent three hours waiting for the symphony of lights, which turned out to be a waste – it was way simpler than from our trip in 2010. I was actually disappointed as only a handful of buildings had dancing and laser lights. And it seems the San Miguel Corp sign on top of one of the buildings had been taken down as well.
The view was still marvellous, though:
Pirate ship? We should have just taken a cruise.

Couldn’t resist adding some sunset glow to the photo. Taken using my trusty iphone.

The HK harbour

Til our next trip (the brat and I are already planning on another Disneyland escapade on his birthday)!

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