Poor Customer Service at Pao Tsin

Hubby and I went to the grocery a couple of days ago and since it was past noon and we were hungry, we decided to have our lunch at the food court.
Food was okay – I mean, nothing fancy, just your usual food court meals which I sort of miss. I don’t get to eat at food courts anymore coz they’re usually closed by the time hubby and I get off work, or are just plain crowded on weekends. 
One thing I don’t get though is why Pao Tsin, where we ordered two rice meals, a huge bowl of soup, two large drinks, and several dimsums, refused to give us an extra spoon for the soup? And as per the lady manning the counter, we only bought one bowl so she can only give us one spoon. 
Is Pao Tsin’s margin that small that they couldn’t afford to give us an extra spoon, even though hubby and I bought enough food for four people (mind you, we bought several servings of dimsim on top of the rice meals)? A plastic spoon couldn’t have cost more than 50 cents.
Talk about poor customer service. It was just plain stupid (pardon the use of this word). Definitely not going back there.

2 thoughts on “Poor Customer Service at Pao Tsin

  1. december 7, 2013 around 2pm,,,so it means to say that just awhile ago,Paotsin aaaat nagtahah savemore i went there cause before ive got the fried pork dumplings,,,so i want to try a new one again but i wasn't familiar yet on what they had and i asked this stupid lady who's exactly standing in front of me (sorry for my word cause really i was dissappointed),i asked her what they had for fried dumpling and she answered me it seems she was just selling from the street like we had in front of you and it has a name you can read it,,,really i was very upset and i told her that can't you explain it to me politely and talked with me in a nice way,,,she don't even bother for what i've told her,,,and one thing by that time they don't have a customer,,,even if i take just one order still i deserve to respect,and honestly everytimre i'm going there always i got 3or4 orders,,,but the thing was they are rude and inpolite this lady she was the cashier itself exactly so i change my mind and i don't want to come back in this paotsin anymore….I hope that the franchise owner can do such thing for disciplinary action before they've lost their customer and before i forgot it wasn't the first time i saw this stupid lady in her rude way…


  2. Yeah, the franchise owner should really do something about their staff, probably hire those with good attitude and also provide them training on customer service. Hope it didn't ruin your day though. 🙂


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