Food Trip:Aposento

Hit up Aposento with my officemates for a lunch treat earlier this week. It’s funny how I rarely get to eat here even though it’s practically our next door neighbour (even funnier is how I only knew about it’s existence a year and a half after I joined the company). 
But, better late than never! This place is fast becoming one of my favorites, one, because of its location (hello, no need to go to Greenbelt or Glorietta in all this rain), two, the price (hubby and I ate here one time with a friend as they were waiting for me to finish work – talk about dedication, theirs, not mine – and our tab only came at less than Php1,000!), and three, the food is good. It’s nothing fancy, mind you, but they serve a host of your favorite food at home, but they made it so much better.
Since we were trying to have a balanced meal, we ordered different dishes.
Bicol Express

Tapa with lots of kropek – bestseller! Make sure to get this.
Crispy Pata
And since if was raining, of course we had to get soup – sinigang, which was just the perfect foil to all the dried meat dishes!
Bangus Belly – it was my first time to taste this but it was sooo good! The fat of the fish was too die for (admit it, it’s your favorite part of the fish too!)

We were too full after wolfing down all that food (there were only five of us: two guys and three girls) so we just shared a slice of this baby:

frozen brazo de mercedes – one of my all time favorite desserts, but sadly, not too many restos serve this

Oh, and did I mention they serve cocktails and beer? We didn’t drink of course, as it was only noon. But, just saying. I got to try their cocktails a few months ago and it was good. 😀

They don’t have a website but they do have a facebook page which you can view here.

2 thoughts on “Food Trip:Aposento

  1. I wont deny, my brother and I would fight over bangus belly when mom serves them 😀 Looks good, I wonder what the sauce is…bring me there! 😀


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