My Newest Babies

I have wanted to get a decent camera for so long – I wanted DSLR quality but I really couldn’t be bothered with the bulk. So, I settled for point and shoot ones, from Canon, to Olympus to Nikon and back to Olympus. But now, with the mirrorless and micro four-thirds system cameras in the scene, I can finally have good quality photos less the weight and bulk.
But, having been burned by an impulse splurge on a Nikon compact camera a few years back (one of their most expensive at the time, but sadly, it only lasted a few months before dying on me), I took my time doing lots of research. And having proven how sturdy Olympus was (both my eight and two year old cameras are still very much functioning) and user-friendly, my top two choices were Olympus and Sony (which had that built-in panorama I so wanted plus a tilting LCD).
So which one did I pick? 
Tada! Olly it is for me. The tipping point was the range of lenses: with Olympus, you can use any of their Zuiko lenses plus Panasonic’s and other micro 4/3 lenses out there. Besides, I find the Olly better suited to me than all the other brands out there. While with Sony, well, you can only use Sony lenses. And I like having my options, thank you very much.

I have yet to figure out how to use this baby though, and I might need a more detailed guide or even a class for that (talk about technologically challenged) so, no camera tips from me here, just photos:
Yellow is my favorite color, but red and white sure come a close second. Besides, I don’t think a lot of products come in yellow. 😦

with the 14-42 kit lens and detachable flash

The initial models didn’t have this tilting LCD (up to 90 degrees), which was why I considered getting a Sony but when they launched the EPL3, I was sold.

It’s not touchscreen, you have to use the scroll button to get anywhere but it works fine with me – I hate touchscreens.

One other thing I finally gave into? An iphone. Although I got this earlier this year, I only got to blog about it now (my bad). Peer pressure, you know. Everyone I know has an iphone (or an android) while I was stuck with a Nokia (which I actually loved).

And of course, I had to get it in white.
I wasted no time looking for a nice case – I wanted something yellow or floral, but couldn’t find one I liked, so I got me a white case from Japanese brand, Tunewear.
The case is pretty heavy duty – Joey dropped my phone several times but seems the case absorbed all the shock. It comes with a cord organizer too and a plug for the charger slot, which you can accessorize with crystals and whatchamacolit.

The cord organizer doubles as a stand too! And the pack comes with a clear home button sticker.
I didn’t want my phone to get dirty or anything so I immediately looked for a multi-purpose case for it. I was on my mandatory leave at the time with no maid so I was forced to do my shopping online and came across this red leatherette case from Shopping Bliss. 

It has three card slots, a bill slot, and of course, cell phone slot, which is perfect as I don’t have to worry about holding my phone and wallet at the same time. My only gripe is that I can’t charge it or use the earphone while the phone is inside the case.

I also got a stylus from Capdase, a bit of a splurge considering I don’t use it as often now (I only used it during Draw Something’s heyday). And, after realizing that the iPhone uses up its battery like there’s no tomorrow, I got a power box (with 1500 mah) from National Bookstore, good for one full charge. And if you have a car, get those car chargers. Trust me, they’re very useful. Victorinox has a pretty nifty set – with cables for blackberry, iPhone, etc.

See? I have a penchant for red and white things, which are easier to get than yellow.

Look! The cap of my stylus has that needle-like thing for opening the sim compartment of the iPhone.
Okay, this one last item is more of in keeping with my lazy nature – I mentioned earlier on that I couldn’t be bothered with bulk right? Well, when I got the iphone, I figured it could serve as my camera as well and I might as well dress it up properly. So, I got me a macro and wide angle lens from Chic Mommies. It attaches via a magnetic ring which comes with the lenses, and can be attached to the iPhone.

Yep, they may be small and far from pro-quality, but for an ordinary person like me who just likes taking photos, these lenses are perfect! My only gripe is the magnetic ring covered the phone’s flash partially, hence, I couldn’t use the flash anymore, unless I remove the case.
All the photos from our Ilocos trip earlier this year were taken using my iphone and edited using a variety of apps; but my favourites are Camera+, DMD (for that panorama shot; I liked this one better than 360), ProCamera, PicFrame and CameraSplash (where you can highlight only portions of the photo and leave the rest of the photo in black and white) and Retouch (photoshop baby!). 
Here are some sample photos taken using the macro lens:

There’s a new model of the Olympus PEN coming out later this year, and I heard iPhone 5 is coming out next month… with this growing interest in gadgets, I think my wallet is gonna kill me. 😛

4 thoughts on “My Newest Babies

  1. Hahaha! I've been meaning to post this a few weeks ago when I got the camera but couldn't squeeze it in. Got too busy, and I still have lots of backlog posts. ;(


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