It has been forever since I last posted anything even remotely related to fashion.  Not that I haven’t been shopping and scouring the newest stores when I get the chance (which comes few and far in between lately).
Not sure when it opened, but I was really happy to see a new accessories store at Market Market – Aussie brand Diva. They have the chicest cocktail rings and necklaces which I instantly fell in love with. And the price range is quite affordable too! Their rings range around Php400 and up and necklaces at Php600 up, almost half the price of British brand Accessorize. Though I admit, the latter has more diverse material and palette and also offers bags and scarves and other whatchamacolit, so it’s still my go-to store for now.

Cocktail rings and beaded necklace.

Oh, and a few months back, another Aussie brand, Ever New also opened its first shop on our shores at the Bonifacio High Street Central, right new door to French brand Promod. The clothes are really nice although quite pricey. Hmm, on hindsight, I think the range is the same as that of Promod. Although, I would think they’d have lower prices since their clothes seem to be all made in China (unlike Promod; most of the clothes I have from this brand are made in France). They do have some really cool and unique accessories which I instantly feel in love with.

Feather earrings may be so last season, but I still love them anyway.

Going back to my first few lines for this post, let me just say that I am still into fashion but I am just too lazy/busy to take photos, edit and post them every day. Besides, there are too many fashion blogs nowadays that I kinda feel like, why join the bandwagon? I started this blog more than three years ago (before I even heard of fashion bloggers, mind you) because I wanted to post photos of what my teammates and I wear to work (our team, probably due to stress, liked dressing up) and while I will definitely still do that, I guess you can tell that the focus of this blog has drifted to other topics. Oh well. Maybe I should rename this blog too, don’t you think?
But wait. Heck, that would mean buying another domain and transferring everything. I would need to take a week off from work to figure out the technicalities of that. Haha.

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