Food Trip: Cue Modern Barbecue and Slice

Despite the heavy rains, bit of flood and my being almost two hours late (in fact, my dates for the night hit the nail salon and had cocktails while waiting for me), we still managed to meet up for a late dinner at Cue at the Bonifacio High Street Central.

It’s a good thing my friends made reservations because even at that late hour (and the really bad weather), the place was packed. I kind of pity those they had to turn away every few minutes or so (which is actually what happened to me and hubby a week later). Well, I guess that means the food must be good, right?
Either that, or people are just curious as it’s one of the newest restos around.  Since it was our first time, we decided to get some ribs, pasta and fries. After all, that’s what the place was becoming known for, right?
Well, turns out, our decision was right on target — the ribs were quite perfect. We got the dry variant of the baby back ribs barbecue and the meat was very tender, falling off the bones, and tasty right down to the last morsel (although I felt envious after seeing the “wet” variant being devoured by the group next to us). It looked so juicy!
Dry baby back ribs
We also got some pasta although this one just didn’t impress me. It was just ok, nothing to rave or write home about. We did finish it off down to the last piece of pasta (yes, we were so hungry).
Blistered tomatoes and roasted garlic spaghetti
Now, not all restaurants serve grape shake. A bit of trivia about me: I order only three kinds of shake (okay, maybe once in a blue moon I deviate): mango, coconut, and grape. Of course, mango is quite common so when I eat at a place that serves coconut or grape shakes, I make it a point to order those instead of mango. But I never imagined mixing grape with ginger would taste oh so good. I like ginger enough. I eat it with just about anything but I don’t drink it, certainly never as a shake.  
Well, call me a new fan. Grape/ginger has got to be my top shake choice now. The ginger nicely offset the sweetness of the grape, so that neither overpowers the other, but rather complement and brings out the best in each flavour. I love it!
Grape and ginger shake (front). Yup, you read that right. Ginger. Don’t the jars remind you of Gram’s Diner?
I am dying to try Cue’s bone marrow soup next time. Someone told us we should have ordered this but the tip came too late. 😦

For dessert, we transferred to Slice. Now, while the yema cupcakes at this place are TDF, the price of the cakes and bottled drinks just drives me nuts. But since it was Mitch’s first time here, what the heck, right? 😀
My two dates ordered coffee but I settled for some hot and thick cocoa with milk and lots of brown sugar. Another trivia: I love hot chocolate. Give me a warm cup and I’m giddy like a kid. Especially as it was raining that night which made it the perfect night cap for me.
I recommend this – I think Slice is the only place at the Fort serving hot cocoa (but let me know in case you know of any other? Please?)
Since I usually order the yema cupcake, I got the red velvet this time around.


Yema cake, yema cupcake, and red velvet cupcake with whipped cream/butter (I know it’s supposed to be cream cheese but it sure didn’t taste like cheese but more like butter)
It was okay. I couldn’t really tell if the cupcake itself was good because there was just too much cream obscuring its taste. Although when I had licked off the cream, the cupcake didn’t taste particularly good. The cake we ordered at Bake Happy tasted much better (and Sonja’s cupcakes definitely beat this one).

Well, that’s about it for this post. Off to my next food trip!

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