Daily Fashion: Ever New, Diva and Lush

I promised myself I won’t go shopping (I’m saving for a work-related trip later this month plus I’ll be going to the beach when I get back in Manila), but who can resist these beauties?

Anchor earrings and red enamel bangle from Ever New (one of my new favorite stores)

A few posts back, I mentioned discovering this Australian accessories store, DIva at Market Market and it’s also fast becoming my favorite store. They have all sorts of colors and really nice rings! Plus, their stuff are really affordable. Design-wise though, I still prefer the almost whimsical aesthetic of Accessorize.

We don’t have fall, but, I just had to get these fall-inspired items.

I’m  allergic to most scents, and many times, when I pass by Lush, I have to fight an irrepressible urge to sneeze. But sometimes, I just push my luck and enter the store, sniff around, leave, and come back to repeat the process. I do this to test my allergies – and so far, I am good with their Figs and Leaves, Rose, and Dirty soap variants. Which is good, coz I actually love them – they smell really nice (even hubby loves the Dirty soap – says he still smells himself even at the end of the day) and they don’t make me itch. It’s a big bonus too that they’re all handmade and natural, flown in all the way from Japan. 

I wasn’t such a big fan of their solid shampoo/conditioner (they lather nicely but I couldn’t stop sneezing whenever I smell my hair, which is like, all the time, right?) so I tried the liquid ones (and yes, I sniffed them many times before finally settling on these variants). The result? Love them both. The Rehab shampoo is minty  and it feels and smells cool! Plus, it’s easy to rinse and my hair is not so itchy anymore. The American Dream conditioner is heavenly: sweet vanilla smell and my hair feels so soft afterwards.

From top left: conditioner, shampoo, Dirty soap and Rose soap

They’re a bit pricey though, but given my super sensitive skin and nose, I’d gladly shell out money. I can’t exactly work properly when I’m sneezing and teary-eyed and itchy all the time, and no work=no dough, right? 😀

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