Smashbox Love

For someone who doesn‘t use make-up and doesn’t even know how to put on make-up for that matter, I sure can rack up quite a bill hoarding beauty products. I just can‘t say no to a new lipstick every month or so. Especially from my favorite brand, Smashbox.
I discovered this brand a little over two years ago, when I was in-between jobs and was whiling away my time at the mall. My first purchase was a nude lipstick which smelled deliciously like chocolate. What I love about a Smashbox lipstick is that it glides on smoothly on my lips and doesn‘t get cakey. Their Photo Finish and Be Legendary lines smell great and are very creamy while the lipliners provide color that lasts all day and while the scent is quite different from what you would expect – it smells like shaved wood, it’s a very welcome surprise.
Aside from blush, my other fail-safe beauty product would be a lipstick, and I can safely say that after years of using Smashbox (I do use other brands like Maybelline and Model Co, but very rarely), it has yet to cause dryness. In fact, my lips chap when I don‘t use Smashbox. So wearing it has actually become part of my skin care regimen and not just for vanity’s sake.

Anyway, my old shade, Magnificent, seems to have been discontinued already so I had to look for another shade that I can wear everyday. I decided to get this light cherry shade, Primrose, from the Be Legendary line. It’s a bit brighter than my old one, but I kind of like it. About time I change my lip color anyway. 😀

I ran out of my Shiseido liquid foundation and Paul and Joe‘s powder foundation (which I absolutely adore!) and since I didn’t have time to go to Rustan‘s Makati (plus, they close at 9pm and I only get out of the office around that time most days), I had to make do with what‘s available at Beauty Bar. I thought, the lippies have worked wonderfully for me, so why not get a new foundation from them, right? 
Tada! Got me the Studio Skin liquid foundation and finishing powder. It‘s a tad expensive (I think the powder alone costs Php2950), but given the quality, I couldn’t really complain. The foundation gave me great coverage plus it’s easy to put on. I have brushes but I prefer using my fingertips. I read somewhere that it‘s actually better to do that since the warmth of your fingers heats the foundation and releases the colors, so it glides even more smoothly. My face looked dewy after, I didn‘t even need the powder
My bad though that I forgot to take look photos. I will do that in my upcoming blog entries which I will be posting miles away – yes, I am going on my third out of the country trip in a little over a quarter! It will be stressful, since it’s work-related but I hope I will have spare time to blog properly. 
*Smashbox is available at Beauty Bar stores. I usually get mine from their High Street, Bonifacio Global City or Trinoma branches.

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