The Mind Museum

It’s probably a bit of a travesty that I only got to visit this museum almost a year since it first opened its doors – I live less than five kilometers from the place after all, and I pass by it every day on my way to work. 

But museum visits for me take at least an entire day – I prefer to savor my visits and study what the museum has to offer and it took a lot of planning before hubby and I found a window on both our schedules to take the little brat on his second museum trip ever. 
Entrance to the museum is timed – each visitor gets an appointed time to enter, probably as a way to manage the crowd. To pass the time, we went to the park outside, which you can enter for free if visiting the museum (if you want to go to the park only, you only pay Php100). 

There are a lot of nifty little attractions in the park but my favorite is this sound dome (fine,I like it a lot because of its bright burst of yellow) – each of you would stand close to the yellow circles and speak softly, and the person on the other end would hear it as if you were right beside each other! Proof that sound travels in a straight line, like light.

I don’t know if this slide is supposed to be anything scientific but the brat liked it. A lot.

Upon entrance to the museum, this greeted us:
a 1904 Richard Brasier roadster, the first car to ply the streets of the Philippines, brought to the country by trading firm Estrella del Norte. It has since been acquired by Shell and currently on loan to the Mind Museum.
Joey and I loved this interactive game – endangered species are listed and you need to identify their habitat.

One other thing that caught our eye was the exhibit on phases of the moon.

And Joey had quite a lot of fun pretending this dinosaur came to life and was chasing him. Cute!  

A replica of the largest dinosaur remains excavated (so far).
I don’t know what this place was supposed to do for us – I didn’t find it particularly interesting.

Giant Brain
Guests can also watch several shows – one of which is the history of the earth, including the demise of the dinosaurs, and another history, this one of the universe, starting with the big bang and all that. They’re informative and short – just enough tidbits for you to remember when you step out. 

Each visitor is allowed a maximum of three hours to stay inside the museum. At first, I was dismayed with this because three hours is simply not enough if you want to look at everything and read all the texts on the exhibits. But after going through the two floors of the museum – I can’t help but think, that was it? 

Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate the fact that a museum is right now in the midst of Taguig but sadly, I have to say that it is very far from world-class. Most of the exhibits felt like grade-school projects, and excellent they may be, they are hardly something worth gushing over. I enjoyed the park outside more – and that’s not saying much. 

Still – who knows? Maybe with enough funds/patronage, this place can still get better. And with that, I would still recommend the Mind Museum, especially if you have kids.

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