Accessories Organizer

I‘m a practitioner of organized disarray most of the time, but when I set my sights on organizing my clutter, I really get OC about it. 

With my accessories, it came about out of necessity – I was hoarding too many trinkets and losing track of them. Some don’t even get taken out of their paper wraps or bags, or worse, get broken because they get stuck in some crack in my overstuffed dresser drawer. I already have a stand dedicated to my earrings and a box for my rings and necklaces (plus a hat box I have converted to a bangle-container) which I wrote about here, but my recent purchases require a new home. 
Anyway, I was wandering aimlessly around Muji one day when I saw this:
clear plastic organizer from Muji. It has three layers, the top of which I fitted with this velveteen ring./earring holder, also from Muji.
It’s taller and wider than the cosmetics organizer I got from Landmark, not to mention about three times more expensive, but it is clearly of better quality – heavier, and the plastic is clearer and doesn’t scratch as quickly as its more affordable sibling. The caveat though is you still need to buy those velveteen linings separately and the height of the container isn’t big enough to fit in my cocktail rings. 
Another good find is this earring holder. The stand I have for my earrings serves its purpose but my earrings tend to get dirty from being exposed everyday. Plus, it was made of metal so it got rusty after a few months. This new organizer I got is perfect – it has individual slots, it’s made of clear plastic so I can see the pairs inside, plus, it is enclosed so no more worrying about my earrings getting dusty. But given it’s design though, obviously, you can only put dangling/chandelier earrings here.

Earring organizer from Muji
My OC streak extended as well to my travel kits. The second half of the year saw me jetting off on several trips abroad, both for work and leisure, and whenever I travel, I have a tendency to bring our house with me. This wasn’t always the case (in fact, I still manage to pack seven-kilo luggages for myself; except for the last one since I was a bit helter-skelter during packing) but anyway, with my cosmetics, I wanted to pack as many as I could – especially the skin care ones since I have very sensitive skin and with the stress I‘ve gone through the past months, my skin has been breaking out practically every day. 
A few days before my last trip, I went on a mission to get a big kikay kit. I have various kits at home but none of them were big enough to store everything and I didn’t want to bring several with me. So, off I went to my favorite kikay store, Beauty Bar (I think of this as our local version of Sephora although the prices are way different) and scored myself this:    

clutch cosmetics organizer from Beauty Bar – it comes in different sizes and prints but, for this size, this was the only print available so I had to make do.

It has lots of zippered pockets of various sizes so you can put bottles, atomizers, pencils, and even medicines inside. And it comes with a built-in hook so you can just pull this out of your luggage and hang in your hotel room’s bathroom. How convenient right?

My purchases at Beauty Bar allowed me a free gift of several plastic bottles but I wanted atomizers and sturdier bodies so I dropped by Muji and got myself a couple:

Atomizers of different sizes from Muji.

The Muji atomizers, like most of their stuff, are quite pricey (I think a bottle costs around Php150 or more), but I trust the Japanese when it comes to quality and they have never let me down. But if you are willing to settle, department stores usually have them, at a third of the cost.

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