Goodbye, 2012! Hellow, 2013!

2012 was a kick-ass year for me.

I got a lot of blessings and opportunities but also encountered a couple of bumps along the way. 

Earlier this year, I was promoted after only one year of being with my present company. It was something I honestly wasn’t expecting – I know I did a lot but it came so soon and so unexpectedly that I was so pleasantly surprised. It felt good to know that people notice and appreciate what I have contributed thus far, and it was that affirmation which really made me so happy and proud. The monetary benefits that came with it were just icing on an otherwise already very big cake. That promotion prompted me to even top 2011. I took on projects and volunteered for tasks because I wanted to prove them right in the promotion. 
I was also fortunate enough to have traveled a couple of times this year. This one rarely happens, given my line of work, plus the fact that Ipe and I have such conflicting schedules that just watching a movie together can be a daunting challenge. I was finally able to fulfill my promise to Joey to take him to HK Disneyland  and I was able to spend an entire week with hubby and our college friends in Ilocos (the longest vacation I had ever!!!). 

Work also presented me with two travels this year. Kind of unheard of in my present job but in any case, I was able to go to HK (again!) and the US, the latter of which I thoroughly enjoyed because I was able to see different places and meet up with my old friend Liz and her hubby.
I also had to exercise my being the first-born child many times this year – that saying “mahirap magpalaki ng magulang” is very true. I don’t know if I’ve acknowledged this so publicly before, but my parents have decided to go their separate ways (or rather, my mom) after thirty years. And being the first-born (my youngest sibling is still in his teens), I had to take on the responsibility of ensuring we still get together every now and then. I had always been the stubborn child, the one who wouldn’t take no for an answer, and I proved this time and again because I knew I was the only one who can demand that our parents meet and talk to each other (yes, I am that hard to resist – if they don’t give in, I hang up the phone and refuse to talk to them,but of course, in moderation and still with respect).

And in doing so, I realized a couple of things about myself, and about things I ought to be focusing on. In no particular order:

a) I like to pretend I’m superwoman, but I am not, and never will be. I wanted to do everything. I was saying yes to a lot of things, that soon I was doing too much work I was working 17-hour shifts everyday. Seriously. At home, I tend to do the same. I would spend my weekends scrubbing the bathroom, mopping the entire house, doing the laundry, cooking, and being a hands-on mom that by the time weekend was through, I was in even more need of rest.

Last minute Christmas tree. We bought this during the last days of November but I only managed to complete the decorations by mid-December. I was just too busy. Still, it turned out to be a very beautiful tree, right?
b) I don’t know how to say no. Well, I do, but in connection with item a), I tend to always say yes. I need to learn to be a bitch sometimes. 

Kick-started the festivities early last Nov 30, with a Christmas party at Buddha Bar, hosted by our big boss.
c) I’m a certified workaholic. I can’t sit still when I’m not working. I don’t like being bored. And I have a short attention span, so I need to have something new all the time. Which is probably the main reason for (a) and (b).

d) There are things that I cannot change and must learn to accept. I will never be able to change my parent’s temperament or mind-set (though I have very well-pointed out the flaws and what needs to be addressed but then, those kinds of things only work in the workplace, not in relationships, where things are always more complicated). I can never please everyone at work, and there will always be people I cannot be friends with.

Had an impromptu Christmas lunch with my co-leads at Top of the Citi mid-December.
e) I need to take care of myself. I was so concentrated on work and other matters that my body soon started giving up on me. I was never a very healthy person to begin with (I have heart, thyroid, and back problems) but I have always managed to “bend” my body to my will. But last November, my skin asthma was triggered again (probably by my travel to the US, where I experienced extreme hot/cold temperatures) and I developed vertigo. The latter, I have been experiencing for quite some time but not being too fond of hospitals, I’ve also been ignoring them for the better part of the year. Until early December, when I started throwing up, at one point, throwing up ten times in a span of three hours until I was so weak I couldn’t even get up from bed. I was forced to go see a doctor twice. Mid-December, I developed a four-day fever which went unchecked coz I didn’t want to spend a day away from work. And towards Christmas, I developed a boil on my leg which again went unchecked until it got infected (gross, if you ask me), painful, and quite inconvenient to walk around. Again, I had to go to the ER twice over the Christmas holiday because of it. Now, my goal is to have all my health problems checked early this year so I can take proper medication. 
Christmas celebration with my P&G friends in Tagaytay – one of the rare occasions I had allowed for some me-time.
f) I need to spend more time with Joey. It dawned on me that I was spending more and more time away from Joey when one day, as I was saying goodbye to go to work, he replied back with “See you tomorrow, mom!” Joey has always been a very sensitive and sweet child, and he must have realized that when I leave for the day, he only gets to see me the day after, when he wakes up. I usually go home in the wee hours of the morning and leave quite early the following day, so I am technically home less than eight hours during weekdays. Now I am aiming to change that. I need to learn to manage my time better, delegate work, and prioritize.

Lunch with Hubby and Joey on the 23rd of December, after my first visit to the emergency room.

g) I miss hanging out with my friends. I haven’t been keeping in touch regularly and I miss them. It’s quite hard when we are working different time zones in different cities but I know it’s not an excuse.

my friends from four companies and ten years ago. Yes, we still meet up from time to time. 🙂

h) Family comes first.

Francisco reunion (hubby’s side)
Hubby playing Santa, handing out the aguinaldo during the reunion.
My family – my brother and sister and her kids, and our parents. I always always make it a point that we still meet up and have family pictures together even if I have to twist and blackmail my parents to do it.
Three generations of women – my lola, my mama and my sister
Impromtu reunion, Nunez family (my side)

I don’t have any wishes for 2013 other than good health and peace of mind for myself, my family, and my friends. But if I am to write them down for posterity (and to force myself to do them, since the whole world know about them), my priorities would be (again, in no order as I am typing this as they come to me):

a) Health. As I mentioned in my realizations above, I will be scheduling my medical tests this month – I need my 2D echo (to monitor my heart defect) and thyroid tests (to monitor my cysts and my hormone levels) done annually but I’ve missed them both last year.

b) Travel. I promised Joey we’d go to Legoland (in Malaysia) for his birthday so I will start scouring for tickets and hotels later this month. If I can manage, I am also aiming for a European vacation with hubby later this year. Oh, and I need to hit the beach. Wasn’t able to last year. 😦

c) Watch more movies and read. Being some sort of movie buff, I had missed far too many movies last year for my own good. And I’ve read so little that I am practically illiterate now. This year, I will try my damnedest to watch at least one movie a week and read one book a month. Oh, and blog more would fall under this goal too. 2012 was the year with the least posts from me and my blog has been gathering dust, with lots of backlog entries forever saved in drafts with nothing but titles on them.

Greeted the new year with a cup of hot milk chocolate. Simple pleasures that make me so happy.
d) Time Management and Prioritization. I am quite proud of the way I manage my time but given that there are more and more things to do, it has become quite challenging. I sometimes find myself at a loss while plotting my calendar at the beginning of the week (I’m OC like that, I have to plot my work for the entire week on the first working day of each week).
e) Spend time with my family. Go out on dates, just me and hubby, something we haven’t been doing lately (our dates are usually of the errand-type), play with Joey and read him the bedtime stories he has been nagging me to read. I miss doing those stuff.

Photo taken by Joey – he likes taking photos and I am thinking of giving him a small camera. Nothing fancy of course, just something he can use every day.

I want to keep my to-do list this year short – all the more so I can concentrate on making sure I am able to accomplish them. No point in setting lofty goals that will just end up as carry-over goals for 2014. And well, it’s only the second day of 2013 – let’s hope and pray this year is even more kick-ass (in a better way) than 2012! Happy new year everyone!

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