The World According to Joey: Lego Love

For several years, Joey’s obsession was Cars – you know, Lightning McQueen and his friends. We got him almost all of the die-cast models as well as a car he can ride and drive, and fitted his bed with McQueen sheets. 

Fast forward a couple of years – Joey saw the Heroes robots from Lego and started dropping tiny little hints that he wanted the red robot. And the yellow one. Well, we waited and waited for the yellow one but the toy stores never offered it up for sale so Joey had to make do with orange. 

Those robots were just the beginning. I think it was actually my fault. I found the robots too expensive (Php1,000 plus per robot) that I thought I should direct his attention to cheaper Lego toys. So I bought him a speedboat with a nice little Lego man. 

And from there, every month or even twice a month, whenever we go on our mommy/baby bonding/malling, we would get a new Lego toy.
The boybie’s growing collection – at least those I got to take a photo of before they were broken up into little pieces and merged to create something else. Or lost. Or given to neighbors as I later found out when I was making an inventory. The bottom two are what started it all – he saw these at a toy store and wouldn’t stop subtly begging that I ended up buying two. Top left and right were the most difficult in this set – I had to spend thirty minutes to build each, no thanks to Joey’s constant hiding of part.
Joey was also able to collect all the Shell Ferrari Lego cars and Lego people – thanks in part to the help of his tito and tita, and hubby’s long-drive to/from work. We were able to complete these in less than a month after its release.

Of course, we didn’t limit ourselves just to the cars/robots variety. We soon set our sights on the Build City stuff. We actually got a police station set but apparently, Joey had given it away or something. At least we still have the house:
One of our favorites – this house can be disassembled to make two other house models.
I didn‘t want to spoil Joey too much, so sometimes, we would only get a Lego man but he has also accumulated a lot of them (each car always comes with a Lego man) that when hubby wanted to buy those display cases which can hold eight men – I told him, you would have to get four of those. Of course, we didn‘t get four – each case was priced at Php1,700 and I would rather buy real Lego than just the cases with that money. Maybe some other time. Hahaha!


Lego men – most of them from Ninjago spinners (the spinners/training sets are listed in my inventory as missing – Joey confessed to giving them away as well) and from all the police cars/sets. Do you also spy Buzz Lightyear? 😀
A couple of months into his obsession, Joey discovered Ninjago. I don’t really know how but he just came up to me one day and asked if we can log onto YouTube and look for Ninjago shows. And then he discovered they’re being shown on Cartoon Network.  He started asking me to buy him spinners after that – kind of like Beyblades but with  Lego Ninja on top of the spinner.

This Ninjago obsession is the longest so far, so much that when I spied this airship during my trip to the US last October, I knew I had to get it. Never mind that the box alone filled half of my luggage (I ended up having three luggages on the way back to Manila – from one when I initially left). By far our most ambitious project yet. It took me and hubby an hour each to finish it. It’s composed of two individual jets which you can link together into one gigantic airship:

Anyway, since Joey also likes books (he can now read but his patience to do so needs work), I got him a Lego book…
Seems daddy enjoyed this more than the kiddo
 …which led to his new obsession. Goodbye Ninjago, hello Star Wars! We ended up watching all the Star Wars movies because he wanted to see the ships and the robots. To jumpstart his collection, we got him the Deathstar. Now, he’s asking for the planet and ship from Naboo, and of course, wants all the Star Wars stuff he saw at Hobbes and Landes.

Joey likes wearing watches (hubby and I have probably a dozen so he got this habit from us), but not just any watch. It has to be a Lego watch.Top: Buzz Lightyear Lego watch from HK Disneyland; Bottom: Ninjago watch, from Barnes and Noble at The Grove, Los Angeles.

Well, Joey’s now looking forward to more Star Wars Lego this year, and a trip to Legoland Malaysia. For now though, we got him this Lego head to keep his Lego bricks organized. Hubby has had enough of accidentally stepping or sitting on Lego bricks at home.

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