Back to Flats

I used to be a heels type of girl and every single day would find me rocking nothing lower than three inches. Make me wear flats and I will fall flat on my face. Seriously. And I didn’t even own rubber shoes or sneakers, and would make a mad scramble to the mall whenever we have teambuilding events at the office just so I have decent footwear. 

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a back/knee problem, the medical term for which, I have forgotten already. I’m supposed to undergo therapy for it, but up to now, I just ignore the pain. My bad. This was worsened by my penchant for heels and my fast weight gain – I had been at a steady 108 lbs since high school up until I got pregnant; right after I gave birth, I went back to this weight but in a span of three months, due to stress-eating, I gained almost twenty lbs. 
Anyway, my back problem made heels quite out of the option for me and now, I only wear them when I have meetings/events to go to. The rest of the time, I wear flats (or flip flops when I’m just seated at my desk in the office), which made it necessary to rethink/restock my shoe cabinet.

My favorite so far has got to be this Missoni for Target pair. I had been lusting for this pair but didn’t know how and where to get them until I found someone on tumbler selling them babies. Good thing it was in my size. This pair is my MOST ABUSED pair ever. So used that the soles are already so thin I really should be getting them replaced. What can I say? It’s so comfortable and pretty and I can walk for days in them. Plus, it doesn’t stink. I don’t have stinky feet but you know when you’ve been wearing the same pair over and over and they tend to get all musty on you? I swear, this pair is almost too good.
Knitted Missoni for Target ballet flats
This next pair is my second favorite pair – it’s gold and beige (and I just couldn’t resist editing it in soft tones and making it glow, hahaha!) so it goes with just about anything. Plus, I got it last year from Ever New at 50%! It’s a great pair which I took with me to HK and suffered the rain and the sun, got soaked, etc. It survived a second trip but one of the straps soon gave up on me after that. 😦
Gold flats from Ever New
Okay, this next pair is probably the pair most of my friends would be surprised to know I have. I have never had boat shoes. EVER. See, I used to have stick-thin legs (well, now they’re a bit rounder, hehe) and wearing chunky shoes made me look like I was about to fall over so I tried to steer clear of them when I was younger. But this pair was just too cute. Plus, it’s gold, which is my weakness as you already know.
Sperry Topsiders
I have a confession about this next pair – I didn’t buy it. I actually ordered clothes from online shop but for some reason, this pair of calf-hair studded shoes showed up instead. I eventually got the clothes and the company was nice enough to let me keep the shoes coz apparently, it would cost more to return it. A good thing it was in my size and we all know all these studded thingies are the rage right now. That’s US$80 savings for me!
Now, as much as I love my Missoni pair, I had to look for a second pair of ballet flats. I wanted something that I can just stuff in my bag, but I didn’t want the usual flats sold online and in malls – you know, the ones with soles so thin you might as well be walking barefoot? Luckily, I found this UK brand in Multiply – Cocorose.

This pair is probably one of the most beautiful pairs of flats I have ever seen (and well, one of my most expensive pairs yet). It’s made of sheepskin with fish scales for the heel and toe portion, and has petite heels. It also comes with a little pouch and a satin shoulder bag so you can put your heels inside and wear this pair. So thoughtful! I just love this pair and never leave home without it.
My last pair is probably the final sign that I have crossed over to the dark side – of wearing flats, that is: a pair of Keds. I guess everyone knows or even owns/have owned a pair of this brand so I need not explain why or how I ended up buying this pair. And it’s fast becoming one of my most abused pairs of shoes as well, especially when I am going out with my little boy.

I used to hate wearing flats, but I’m getting used to them now. In fact, I can’t imagine not having them now. So I guess, they can live peacefully side by side with my stilettos in my shoe cabinet. 🙂

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