Food Trip: Geisha

I know, I know. Hubby and I are supposed to be on a diet, and with our beach trip less than a month away, now’s not the time to fall off the wagon.

But as luck would have it, a few nights ago, hubby and I found ourselves with rumbling tummies, not having had dinner even though it was past 8PM. We wanted to try a new place and when we found this Japanese resto at the High Street Central saying “buffet” for only Php750, stars practically appeared in our eyes. 

I had the Kabochan soup and Rock Shrimp Tempura Salad for starters. I love pumpkin soup and this mixed with Japanese ingredients (or at least those I’ve always associated with this cuisine) was too relish! It had soft seaweed and I don’t know what spices but it was soo good. 

The salad didn’t disappoint. The leaves were so fresh and created the perfect foil for the crispy shrimp tempura. 

Here’s one drawback though – while you can order as many of the other dishes, for entrees, you can only choose one type/serving. But then, their servings are big and honestly, I was full even before I finished the salad.

Hubby got the beef teppanyaki with shigiyaki (eggplant) topped with melted cheese:

I got the wasabi pepper chicken with shrimp rice. I’m telling you, my allergies were starting to kick in but there was no way I would miss all that shrimp! The chicken was boneless and the mix of pepper and wasabi was quite unusual (for me) but it worked. 

I could barely lift my chopsticks after that, I mean, I was stuffed! But we were only halfway through our meal. There was no way I could finish three more courses so hubby and I decided we’d share the next ones – roast pork ramen, chicken teriyaki and of course, we had to have maki!

This was a very large bowl – it could have easily fed 3 – 4 people.

I washed down all that with a pot of chamomile tea – look at that hourglass timer! Your tea leaves are put in the clear glass contraption (Sorry, I don’t know the proper name for it) and you can choose whether you want your tea light, medium or strong by pouring the tea to your cup when the applicable time’s up. I wanted to take the timer with me! Hahaha. 

What I also liked about the place is that it was very spacious, and there were few people that night so we could eat in peace and the servers were very attentive. We’d definitely be back. 🙂

* The buffet price is exclusive of VAT and service charge and doesn’t include drinks. But definitely worth your money. Make sure to have lots of space in your tummy so you can take full advantage of the buffet.

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