Food Trip: Casa Roces

Our recent Saturday food excursion took us to a not so familiar territory – Malacanang, or across from it to be exact.  We don’t usually venture that way because of the insane traffic but there we were on a rainy afternoon. 
I’ve been rather tired lately (almost blacked out on my desk two days ago with the back of my ears suddenly felt terribly hot) so I wasn’t in the mood to cook food for the hubby and kid, and I was rather grumpy already since I haven’t eaten anything for more than 15 hours. 
But, the nerd in me was more than delighted that it was actually located in an ancestral house with lots of antique things to take photos of. I really am a sucker for such things. Even hubby couldn’t resist, saying that one look and my face and he knew I liked the place – and that was even before we got inside!
Given that it was way past lunch, I was naturally famished and ordered the first thing I knew would revive me – piping hot soup. I was leaning towards good old onion soup (I wanted to dunk several slices of freshly baked bread in it) but it was unavailable that time, so the staff recommended that we try the Sopa Molo Castiliana. 

I have to say, it’s one of the best molo soups I’ve ever tasted. Hubby even declared it the best. Well, the kid finished off two bowls of it so I guess no more proof is needed. The serving is also quite generous as all three of use got to get our fill of it.
Sopa Molo Castiliana – a rich broth with pork dumplings, fresh parsley and poached eggs (Php195)

For our main course, we got the PInakbet with Bagnet (Php195), hubby’s compromise since he needs to start eating healthy now but can’t really do it abruptly. Baby steps I guess. This dish is good. I usually prefer my veggies overcooked but surprisingly, I liked the crisp texture of the okra and the squash cubes were soft enough for me. And of course, how can I say anything bad about bagnet?

PInakbet with Bagnet – Php195

The little man doesn’t eat much outside of chicken and sinigang, and since they didn’t have the latter on the menu, I had to look for a poultry dish. They have very limited choices in this regard so I ended up with Pollo ala Andalucia. Very rich and flavourful, yet surprisingly not very overpowering, the mushroom sauce was a perfect complement to the soft chicken falling off the bone. Loved it. Wasn’t such a hit with the kid though, who doesn’t like sauces very much.
Pollo ala Andalucia – stewed chicken in a very rich and creamy mushroom sauce, served with mashed potato (or rice, if you prefer), Php245
I probably should have stopped ordering by then, but I have a tendency to order too much rather than run out of food, so I got the Salmon Wellington. Understandably, this is the most expensive item on our bill, given its main ingredient, but for the serving size? It was well worth it. I enjoyed the mix of cheese (I am a sucker for cheese! I can eat an entire bar!), lemon sauce and the salty crust which offset the sometimes gagging effect of too much salmon. The two empanada-sized salmon crusts are quite big, plus you have the mashed potato to worry about, for just one person so I would suggest you order this for sharing.
Salmon Wellington – salmon fillet stuffed in a crust with Boursin cheese and lemon cream sauce

For dessert, we didn’t order anything to fancy – just this Devil’s Food Cake which reminded me of a cake from my mom’s cookbook which I had always wanted to learn how to bake when I was a grade-school student. It’s not the best chocolate cake ever (and hubby even said it’s nothing to rave about) but what’s unique about this cake is instead of the usual butter or fondant icing, they used marshmallows. Marshmallows!!! I just died. Little things like this really make or break a dish for me. 

Devil’s Food Cake, Php130

We didn’t get to tour the house though, since we had to go to the hospital for a check-up and we didn’t want to get caught in a flood (it was starting to rain and you know how water levels can rise in that area) so I guess that means we’ll be back for more. 😀

Casa Roces is located along JP Laurel cor Aguado Street, San Miguel, Manila. You can’t miss it – it’s right across Malacanang Palace.


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