The World According to Joey: The Elf and The Dormouse

I wanted to make up to Joey for all the nights I’ve been spending late at the office so I decided that for this year, I am going to do my best to help him win the oral interpretation contest. Fyi, he lost last year – he was absent for two weeks prior to the contest and was burning with fever on the day itself that he forgot some of the lines (he had to start from the beginning).
That, and the fact that his costume left a lot to be desired. He recited the Three Little Kittens and we just got him an old black shirt and a pair of black leggings from the girls’ section at the mall. I was actually shocked when I saw how some of the moms went all out with their costumes.   

So this year, I vowed that I will make Joey’s costume myself, even if I have to spend sleepless nights labouring on it.  Armed with that resolve, I bought yards of felt fabric and huge buttons and proceeded to make an elf costume. Oh wait, I cheated bit – I didn’t sew the t-shirt and the shorts (I ran out of time and the pants were left half-finished). 

My hard work paid off – Joey took home the silver medal. 😀
Ganito na ang mga bata ngayon, tablet na ang libangan habang nagaantay

Hubby and I were rediscovering our love for Shakey’s so we took Joey to one near our home to celebrate his win and gorged on old-time favourites from our college days:

Oh dear Mojos, how I’ve missed you so!

You would have thought an army was dining out that day but no, it was just me, hubby and the kid. Oh well. Diet plans blown.

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