Food Trip: Wildflour

Yehey! Hubby finally left his old job (which required him to work six days a week and even holidays) and got a more family-suitable one so we went out to celebrate his first week last weekend. 
Or, to be more precise: we were too lazy to cook our own food so we just ate out. Hahaha. 

I took him to Wildflour, a sorta new place at the Fort, which I have been to a couple of times with my friends. We got there a few minutes before six without any reservations, so we had to dine al fresco, which was no biggie as it was on a relatively quiet street and it was a weekend, so there was not much traffic, and therefore, no smoke.

Since we were so hungry, I figured we can order something that was easy enough to prepare so we got the bacon tart flambee first – one of my favourites. It’s just like a thin-crust pizza but full of caramelized onions and bacon bits and cheese. I finished four small slices (each square slice is about 2 by 2 inches) in just a few minutes.

Bacon Tart Flambee, Php 425

Hubby was more predictable in his choice: kimchi fried rice, which came with steak (which we had medium) and eggs. Very lovely dish. Easily my favourite of the night. The spicy kimchi was the perfect foil for the steak.  

Kimchi Fried Rice, Php495

Our third dish was the red snapper, which was actually a mix of several slices of snapper and shrimps, drizzled with a creamy/salty sauce. I appreciate that the snapper didn’t have that fishy aftertaste and that it was so soft you can actually feel each morsel breaking apart as it reached your tongue. And the shrimps were perfect too – not too rubbery but not too soft either.

Red Snapper, Php590

I drowned everything with freshly squeezed orange juice. I’ve been feeling sickly lately, owing to my crazy schedule, and I figured I need all the help I can get in the health department. I was just quite taken aback by the price of the OJ – Php 220! I always buy freshly squeezed OJ at the supermarket and I get a 1L bottle at almost the same price so I was really surprised that they charged this much for it. Anyway, at least it was fresh. Other restos only serve those concentrates or bottled ones which you can easily tell are not fresh (they have a bitter aftertaste compared to the sweet aftertaste of a freshly squeezed juice).

Freshly squeezed OJ, Php220

Overall, I would say that Wildflour is a nice addition to the growing list of restos to choose from in the Makati/Taguig area. And I heard they’re opening another branch at the Podium. Prices aren’t for the faint of heart though: our simple meal cost us almost Php2,000, including service charge.

Just one tiny gripe: since we didn’t have any reservations, they kept asking us if we were planning to stay long and what time we would leave. And that was before we even ordered!!! If they were so worried that we’d stay long and take up the reserved slot of someone else, then they should have just told us from the start that they were full that night. That would have been more polite than constantly bugging us (and in the process, not so subtly hinting that we should eat and leave as fast as we can manage).

Wildflour is at the ground floor of Net Lima Building, 5th cor 26th street (near the Mini outlet).



3 thoughts on “Food Trip: Wildflour

  1. Yehey, finally someone else knows about the obvious bitter aftertaste! I always complain about this to friends kasi I say I hate calamansi juice that isn't fresh coz it's bitter, and I can always tell, but they can't! So I thought imagination ko lang or ako lang tong maarte. Hindi naman pala. :-/

    Nakakagutom descriptions mo of the food pala. Nice write-up, as always. 🙂


  2. Yeah. I dont like anything bitter which is why I dont drink concentrates, etc. Actually, even oj, if its left for more than a few hours, it developes that bitter taste.

    Thanks for the compliment. Yours din, and I admire your renewed dedication to blogging. 😀


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