I’m Back!!!

I’m back!!! I don’t know if anybody missed me while I was on hiatus for the last two or so months (I hope I have some loyal readers out there) but it’s good to be back blogging. 

So… what have I been up to?

Well, my laptop got a virus that made it very hard to upload photos and browse the net. I couldn’t use my office laptop because, well, it’s an office laptop, and I am not that familiar with a Macbook so I was hesitant to blog using hubby’s (for fyi, I am using a trusty Vaio running on Windows). And hubby took his sweet time getting my laptop fixed and by the time he did… well, I just got a little too busy.

And sickly. Been having dreadful migraines (and a panic attack once!) of late so I just lie down whenever I have free time. But more on this later. Trust me, it’s all good, nothing to worry about.

I’ve got a couple of posts lined up so please be patient. Need to sort out the photos first which takes me quite some time. Hope I get it all done today!

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