Daily Fashion: Repetto and Lancel

Let’s take a short break from all the travel posts, shall we?
As I said, I didn’t get very lucky shopping in Europe. Silly old me didn’t do any prior research and had assumed malls operate the same hours they do here. So, imagine my shock when I learned almost all of them close at 6PM!
While I wasn’t planning on any major shopping, I had a couple of stuff I wanted to buy. I did manage to get these two lovely stuff for my birthday. 🙂
Meet my new pair of shoes and bag!

I’ve always wanted to buy a pair of Repettos but didn’t dare get it online coz a lot of people have said they don’t run true to size. They did open a boutique here in the Philippines early last year but it was so expensive to get it from here. Fyi, Repettos are made by ballet shoes (and clothes/accessories) experts so they’re bound to be one of the most comfortable pair you can own.
I wanted to get a red pair but too bad they didn’t have any. It was sale time when we went to Europe and just about all the nice colors are gone. Or if they do have the nice colors, they were in all the wrong sizes. I’m a bit partial to blue so at least I got one I like.  But I think I abused it walking all over Belgium.
As for the bag, well, you all know I’m not logomaniac. In fact, I try to avoid stuff with screaming logos. And I am also partial to slouchy and small bags (as opposed to the structured/boxy ones) so this Lancel Flirt bucket bag with discreet logo was just purrrrfect for me. I’ve been wanting to buy it ever since I personally laid eyes on it in Hongkong last year but wasn’t able to. 
So there you have my little shoe and bag reveal. 🙂

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