Beauty Picks

It’s no secret that I have really sensitive skin. If money were no issue, I’d have SKII products round the clock but since they’re so damn expensive and not locally available, I usually run out before I can buy it abroad (or ask someone to buy it for me). I ended up settling for a set from a well-known international brand that didn’t address any of my skin concerns and only made things worse (my skin got so dry, had breakouts, and literally broke and bled in some parts).
I’ve been holding off posting these products because I wanted to make sure they work really well and judging from the reaction of people who’ve seen me lately, I seem to be glowing and have gotten better skin (which is hardly the case when you’re pregnant with a baby boy).Ā 
a) Nuxe Paris Mousse Cleanser. This one is a very light foam cleanser but does the job well. It removes dirt, oil and makeup in one go but doesn’t dry the skin. When I finish washing my face, it doesn’t feel taut or stretched but supple. The fact that it smells heavenly like roses is like the icing on the cake. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and my skin has been noticeably brighter and pimple-free. Even the hubby has noticed that it’s getting clearer every day.
Discovering this product was quite serendipitous. I was about to pay for my SKII loot when one of the ladies at Sasa in HK spotted my baby bump and advised me not to use SKII. Apparently, the anti-ageing properties might not be good for the baby. I am only familiar with retinoin as not being good for pregnant women, and I am not sure if SKII has this but of course, I wouldn’t want to risk it. So I asked around for a more suitable alternative and the rest was history. It’s not exactly cheap though – almost as pricey as SKII’s cleanser but I’m loving this more. I haven’t seen it in stores here in the Philippines though, but you can get it online at šŸ˜€

b) Physiogel Cleanser. What I like about this product is that you can use it with water. And without. How cool is that? You just massage a dollop on your face and tissue if off afterwards and you’re all set. Perfect for when you’re in a hurry or when your eyes are tired and you’d rather not strain your eyes with water (my parents’ keep warning me not to wash my face after using the computer all day – don’t know the wisdom behind this but I have not so good eyesight and I’d choose my eyes over my skin any day).Ā 
I still like Neutrogena’s Fine Fairness Toner but for those looking for a cheaper alternative, this one’s the best I’ve come across – Snoe’s Awesome Poresome Pore MInimizing and Clarifying Tonic. If I remember correctly, it costs less than Php200 (more than 60% savings over Neutrogena). It stings a little bit when you put it on your face but it doesn’t dry my skin and my skin has become more evenly colored after using this for a couple of weeks/months (and not religiously at that). I can’t vouch for the pore-minimizing claims as I don’t really monitor my pore size (who does?) but I guess it works as my face is generally better looking. It smells sweet but not overly so and won’t cause you to sneeze (I guarantee it!) Hahaha. Oh, and this one’s proudly Filipino made!
I used to be quite confused with my moisturizer – I have a day cream (SKII) and a night cream (Neutrogena) and on some days, I also use the Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil moisturizer and Pore Minimizer. Not that I use them every day; having a lot to choose from just confused me that I end up not using any at all most of the time. So I’m really glad to find this Creme Fraiche moisturizer from Nuxe Paris.
It’s a strong acting moisturizer which hydrates and mattifies the face for 24 hours and can be used for day or night. I use it in the morning and at night. It smells a bit sweet and lotion-y like whitening lotions but it doesn’t overpower the senses so your nose should be alright.
Body Lotion
I’ve blogged about Avene soap and repair cream here and I was very satisfied with how well my skin regained its elasticity so I made sure to get the body lotion as well during our trip to Paris last month (can you believe it only costs EUR 4.99 there but costs close to Php2,000 here???).Ā 
I can’t stress enough how much I love this lotion and the repair cream. My hand got so dry a few months that it cracked and bled and I ended up with dark, scabby skin but after two or so months, the scar is practically gone and my hands are back to normal!
Make up
a) Pore Putty BB Cream. I’m a lazy person when it comes to fixing myself so I gravitate towards no-fuss products. I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about Japanese cosmetic products but could not find one that’s a) not so pricey and b) worked well for my face. Then I found this. It has various shades for different skin colors, glides on very smoothly, looks very natural with a dewy finish, and doesn’t have any fragrance. Plus it’s very cheap like a drugstore brand. Perfect. I still don’t know if it’s available locally, but again, you can purchase this online at
b) Lip Collagen lip gloss. I am not really sure of the brand name of this lip gloss (the entire packaging was in Japanese) but I love that it’s light pinkish and that it’s wand is made of plastic instead of spongy so it doesn’t get stained and I can put it right on top of my Benetint lip stain.

Hair Care
I thought I’d sneak in a hair product in this suposedly skin-centric post so here’s my pick for hair care:
a) Lucido-L hair make supplement. Being pregnant means no rebonds, perms, and other stressful hair treatments. My hair has always been unruly – never straight but not curly enough to be considered curly-haired. So this Japanese product is heaven-sent because it gives my hair that hot oil treatment in just a few minutes, it’s leave on, and it makes my hair behave when I want/need it to. It has a light scent that I am not too fond of but thankfully, it doesn’t make me sneeze and it dries up fast so it doesn’t cause me any trouble.
I am using the straight hair variant but they also have treatments for curly haired gals so there’s bound to be something for everyone.

So there you have it – my tried and tested beauty loot. What’s yours? šŸ˜€

3 thoughts on “Beauty Picks

  1. Go! I know the manufacturers of Snoe and they're really good. šŸ™‚ My sensitive skin exposes me to products that are not normally used by other people that's probably why I have quite a unique list.


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