The World According to Joey: Boybie Gets a Little Brother

Whew. It’s been a long time since I posted a Joey-centric entry, not that he has stopped spewing out quotable quotes and whatchamacolit. It’s just that I’ve been too busy lately, and my back has been acting up very badly that I couldn’t even sit through more than an hour to blog lately.
Having baby number two wasn’t planned but we’ve always floated around the idea to test how Joey would react:
At first…
Me: Joey, would you want a sister or a brother?
Joey: Mom, I want a sister, so her toys would be different from mine. 
After a few weeks (and after finding out I’m pregnant with another boy)…
Joey: Mom, when the baby comes out, it’s gonna be Christmas right? So he’ll get gifts like me. 
Me: Yes…
Joey: But he’ll be too small to play with his gifts right, so I can play with them while he’s still small and he can have them when he grows big?
Me: (okay… he’s not quite seven and he’s already planning on how to take advantage of his little brother, albeit in a cute and innocent way, hahaha!)
Joey, being a good-natured kid (and I’m not just saying this because I’m his mom; he’s generally nice, except when he’s sleepy and becomes an all-around brat), has accepted that he’ll be a big brother and will have to look out for his brother. But he does have kiddie worries:
Joey: Mom, what if the baby’s cuter than me? What if he’s not kulit and listens to you?
Me: I’ll still love you the same.
Joey: But mom, what if the baby loves you more than me? 
Me: Mommy won’t change. I’ll love you both the same.
Joey: But mom, you don’t know that. What if you’re lying? How do you know you will love us the same way?
On my way to work one day…
Joey: Mom, the baby’s always with you even when you’re working and I’m not! He gets to stay with you! Why can’t I go with you?
Of course, with a baby coming, we will have to make adjustments to our sleeping arrangements and trust Joey to come up with a clever idea. 
Hubby: Joey, when the baby comes, do you think you can sleeping in your own room?
Joey: Dad, I have a better idea. Why don’t I sleep here with mom and the baby and you can sleep outside on the sofa? 
Me: (can’t help but laugh – take that, dear hubby!) 
Joey has also taken it upon himself to be our little health watcher and of course, one of his main concerns is the hubby’s ever increasing weight.
Scene # 1:
Joey: (upon opening the fridge and finding out his dad has eaten almost all the chocolates from Belgium) Mom!!! Why does daddy have to eat everything in this house? He’s going to die of fatness!

Scene #2:
Joey: Mom, why is daddy so fat? When is he going to start being thin?

Scene #3:
Joey: Mom, I don’t want to be as fat as daddy is when I grow up.

Scene #4:
Joey: Mom, why are you eating the chicken skin? Mamu (my mama) and lolo (my papa) told me they’re not good for you and will make you sick. Don’t eat it. 

Scene #5:
Me: (woke up in a coughing fit so bad I almost threw up on our bed)
Joey: Mom, don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. (Proceeds to rub my back while I get over my cough). Let me know if you need anything okay. 
Me: (touched and teary-eyed, never mind that five minutes later, he was snoring beside me).
Joey has a lot of memorable quotes everyday that I’m quite sorry I didn’t write them down the moment he said them. Now I can’t remember a lot of them, which is sad. 😦 I promise to be a better blogger next time. 


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