The World According to Joey: Christmas Party 2013

I have been focused on the new baby for quite some time now that I feel Joey resents it sometimes – staying up late for the baby,feeding him, bathing him, and just overall fussing about him. I still do stuff with Joey but we couldn’t go out anymore on our regular weekend bonding, at least until we get a new yaya for his baby brother.
Joey is also slowly becoming independent; I almost cried when he told me one day that maybe when he’s nine years old, he won’t sleep with us in our room anymore coz he won’t be needing me. I could only reply back to him that I hope he’ll always need his mom and wipe away small tears (okay, so maybe I am a little bit of a crybaby).Β 

Anyway, today was his school Christmas party and I was debating yesterday whether to join him or just let him go on his own.

Me: Joey, do you want mommy with you on your Christmas party?
Joey: What do you think, mom? (Trust me, he’s getting good at this kind of manipulating conversations)
Me: Well, I don’t know. You tell me.
Joey: Mom, what were the parents of my classmates doing in the Christmas party last year?
Me: Uhm, they went to the party with their kids?
Joey: Yes!
Me: So I guess I should go with you?
Joey: Mom! Of course! I would be the only kid with no parent.

Singing 12 days of Christmas. Oh, and those green pants? He was the one who picked them. The other time I let him pick a pair of jeans at the Gap, he picked a skinny pair. Guess I have a budding little fashionista? πŸ˜›
I unfortunately woke up late this morning (which is becoming a habit now, since I sleep around 4am when the baby finally gets exhausted enough to go back to sleep) and I was thinking of just sleeping in and letting his yaya go with him to the party. But I couldn’t bear to think of breaking Joey’s little heart so I told him to go ahead and I’ll catch up with him at school.Β 
And snob that he is, getting pissed off that his classmate holding the mic was singing off-key
When Joey came on stage to perform with his class, his eyes were busy scanning the audience – his reaction when he saw me was priceless. His face lit up and he started shouting “my mommy’s here!” It was quite amazing and humbling to realize that this little kid still needs me and that my presence means all the world to him.Β 
Joey made sure to have his turn at the face painting booth – he still hasn’t gotten over his Angry Birds obsession, as you can see above.
Sigh. Kids. They grow up too fast. I just hope that ten years from now, Joey would still need me.

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