Baby # 2: Jorge Emmanuel

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was kind of caught unaware. I was actually almost done with my first trimester and had it not been for a trip to the emergency room, I wouldn’t have found out (probably at least until my tummy started showing). I mean, I was busy at work, and my health was (and still is) a big work in progress (thyroid, heart and back problems, among others – hubby even has a running joke that I have a lot of factory defects that he should probably return me to my parents and have me repaired)…
Looked like his older brother’s ultrasound photo.
Better late than never was our motto – did our last minute baby shopping on my 37th week… and didn’t finish until after I gave birth.

…and I wasn’t really planning on having a baby this year. I even planned in January for two out of country trips in 2013 which ended up being right smack in my second trimester and made a really long list of to do’s for the year.

Meet our latest bundle of joy: Jorge Emmanuel.
Yet God had other plans for me and so baby # 2 arrived just in time for the holidays. It was a bit of a bumpy road considering that my migraine attacks this time around were worse than when I was pregnant with Joey, and there were days when I just literally couldn’t get up from the bed. Not to mention there’s this mountain of work I have waiting for me when I get back. 

But you know what? 

Every worry, every pain, every sleepless night, every dent in my poor anaemic wallet, were nothing compared to the joy of seeing our precious little baby boy. Every thing just became worth it.

Georgie’s first ever photo.
My three boys.
On a partially unrelated side note, I honestly can’t comprehend people who say women should be given a choice (regarding abortion), and those who say that only someone with ovaries get to voice an opinion over this matter. They call themselves feminists but who are they kidding? Isn’t that kind of thinking kind of marginalizing the other sex?

Anyway, I am pretty sure I have functioning ovaries somewhere and even if I don’t, here’s my opinion nonetheless.  
And I say, what choice are they talking about? There is NO choice. Because it will always be my children over me. Any other decision to the contrary is just selfishness masked under the (misguided) concept of female empowerment and  (twisted understanding) gender equality, and (false) concerns over women’s health. And let’s not talk population control, shall we? Because arguing down that line is just plain b—s—. And it annoys me no end that the most of the people who are loud proponents of giving women these so-called choices, have not even experienced having a child. So no. Only women, and men, who have had the privilege of not just bringing life, but also raising children, into this world have the right to an opinion. 

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