2014 Checklist

A lot of my goals for 2013 got switched up (and down; I did get to tick several items off my bucket list) and looking back, the things I would work for this 2014 are about the same.

Health. I know I said I’d look into my health problems last year, but baby got in the way (I couldn’t start on most of the prescriptions/tests until after I’ve given birth and weaned the baby). I’m not getting younger so this one gets top billing. And not just for me but for the rest of our family.

Be a more hands-on mom.  Not that I am not already – I used to give Joey his daily bath up until he was four, before going to work, wash his feeding bottles, and take care of him the minute I get home from work. I intend to do the same with Georgie (which makes health all the more  my priority).
Keep up with my Joey dates. Joey and I have established an almost regular weekend thing wherein I take him to Timezone, eat out at whichever restaurant/fast food he chooses, and do whatever he wants for the day. We haven’t gone out together since I gave birth but hopefully, when the new nanny comes in, we can get back to this mom/Joey bonding thing before I go back to work.
Travel. I don’t think hubby and I (or me for the most part) can go on long trips this year since Georgie is still too young and I don’t want to be away from him, but I am hoping to visit Japan to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal and go to Malaysia and Singapore – I promised Joey we’d go to Legoland for Christmas last year but obviously, we couldn’t do that with a newborn baby in tow so it’s a good thing he agreed to go this year instead.
Locally, I hope we can squeeze in Palawan and Batanes this year. It might be a stretch but if I am to choose, I’d pick the latter before it gets all commercial and stuff. I’d twist the hubby’s arms just to get this to happen (or go there on my own if he won’t).
Blog more. Forty-one posts in 2013?!? No wonder my blog has been gathering dust.
Save up for a new house. Okay, let’s be honest. I don’t think I’d be able to save up enough for a new house by the end of the year (unless I win the lotto or a rich relative suddenly adopts me), but maybe enough for a lot and then let’s go from there? Our condo is getting quite crowded and for someone who grew up in a relatively big house, I keep dreaming of my own walk-in closet and garden. And I think I’d go nuts if we don’t get a bigger place.
Be more organized and manage my time better. I don’t know why but I often get the feeling that 2013 just breezed past me and that I’d gotten so overwhelmed. On a side note, I really am getting old – I am now of the opinion that tangible organizers (you know, of the pen and paper kind versus the gadget thingamajigs) are better. And to that end, I am going to haul my ass off the bed in a few minutes to get myself one of the nice ones at the bookstore (I already have several new notebooks to go with it).
On the material side, I wish (but not necessarily hope for) more bags and shoes, what else? Just one will do. I am still undecided whether to get a Chanel (not the flap one – but the bigger ones) or a Tod’s this year (yeah, another proof I am getting old is I now prefer the mom-bags). 😛

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