The World According to Joey: Lego Love (Part 2)

When I was a kid, I remember our papa bringing home a bucket of Lego bricks – the plain ones, consisting of those flat lengthwise bricks and the square and plump bricks. Back then, those were the only Lego products available in the department stores (Isetann, Plaza Fair and SM Carriedo, that is, the only department stores our family used to visit in the 80s and early 90s). But I was oh so happy to have those bricks, making buildings and houses. 
Fast forward to today and Lego has evolved – you can build practically anything. The good thing is, the bricks, whether you are using old ones or new ones, all fit together (and I can’t fault Lego for the quality and craftsmanship of each toy). And Joey has inherited this fascination with Lego (you can read about my older entry about his Lego love affair here).
But, as with all kids, Joey has moved on from his NInjago obsession, though he still asked me to buy this Final Battle thingie:

His focus now? Star Wars. Oh, be still my poor bleeding wallet. Star Wars Lego pieces are almost two times more expensive than the regular ones (Ninjago, Build City, and the more recent one, Chima) – and I am sorely tempted to curse our customs for the exhorbitant import and custom fees that make them even more expensive here (I bought a Star Wars ship in HK for around Php800 but when I checked it here, it’s Php2,399!!!). 
Started off Joey’s collection with the planets – I believe this group is up to Series 3 and there are three planets per series. Joey’s got five, so far, although we don’t strictly follow the order of things – he just picks up what to him is the prettier planet. And each planet comes with a small ship and character.

Unfortunately, the more famous characters like Luke Skywalker, C3PO, Han Solo, etc, don’t come with the tiny planets. So poor parents like me have to shell out for the bigger ships to get them.

Han Solo’s ship

That’s Han Solo in the middle

Would you believe Joey looked up this repair droid on the internet and then dragged me to Hobbes and Landes to buy it?

The good thing about playing with his Lego rather than toy guns and tablet is that it encourages Joey to be creative, and patient – building a ship can take hours or even a day, depending on how big it is. And may I add that even the grown-ups (ahem, hubby; and fine, me) love them too.

The Lego brand has also expanded – accessories, bags, clothes, books, and several cartoon series on the Cartoon Network. A Lego movie is even in the works and will be shown early this year!
I previously got him Toy Story and Ninjago Lego watches during their related phases, and keeping up the tradition, and to motivate him to learn the time, I got him a Star Wars watch too (honestly, I figured it was cheaper to get a new watch WITH C3PO than get the Lego ship where the droid is a part of).

This is, incidentally, also my favorite Lego watch. It’s gold!!!
Hubby and I couldn’t find Luke Skywalker anywhere (he is probably part of the big ships) so when I saw this book at the book fair last September, I had to grab it.
Joey’s Ninjago addiction may have waned, but he’s still desperate to have the green ninja (the only one missing from his collection), so I had to grab this one too. See? Now Joey spends his free time reading!

Now, kiddo and I are busy poring over the internet, researching on Legoland which we are planning to visit sometime this year, and reading the new Lego books we gave him for Christmas. 
That and watching old Star Wars movies which we have on DVD.  And gingerly stepping around the house to avoid the Lego landmines on the floor.

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