The World According to Joey: Super Powers and Heartbroken Letters

It amazes me how kids think. One minute they’re so smart-ass, the next, they blurt out funny little quips that would have you laughing out loud. Take this one for example; I was at home with Joey trying to get him to sleep. He wouldn’t listen to me so I texted his dad (he admits it’s because I’m not as scary as his dad):

I finally got him to lie down on the bed beside me and turned off the lights and turned away from him to sleep myself. After thirty minutes, I felt squirming from his side:
Me: Joey, why are you still awake?
Joey: How did you know I’m still awake?
Me: I have eyes at the back of my head.
Joey (sits up on the bed): Really mom? 
Just two days ago, he kept looking at my head, lifting my hair and asking me how come he couldn’t see the “eyes” at the back of my head. And now he thinks his dad has super powers and that I am a monster.

We’ve been preparing Joey for his baby brother even before I got pregnant, gently testing the idea of having a sibling with him. He finally agreed and got excited to have one so hubby and I were really happy.
But of course, he can’t help feeling jealous sometimes.
At the hospital after giving birth:
Me: Joey, go to sleep while I feed your baby brother.
Joey: Is he going to sleep beside you?
Me: Yes, because he needs to be beside mommy for a bit.
Joey: Can I sleep beside you?
Me: Maybe when we get home, the hospital bed isn’t big enough and you might squash the baby.
While I was feeding the baby on my hospital bed, I heard muffle sounds of someone crying. As it was just me and Joey, I asked:
Me: Joey, why are you crying?
Joey: Nothing mom. (But stands up and hugs me)
Me: Tell mommy so I can help.
Joey (starts sobbing loudly): It’s just that why do you have to do everything with the baby and nothing with me?
I can’t tell you how many comforting words and reassurances I had to make to get him to stop crying; although he begged me afterwards to not tell his dad that he’d been crying.
Joey’s pangs of jealousy didn’t end there. One time, as I was changing Georgie’s diaper and trying to get him to sleep (and scolded Joey in the process as he was creating a racket with the loud TV and his toys clanging on the floor), he told me he was leaving the house for good.
Joey: I’m leaving.
Me (trying to humor him and interested to find out how far our exchange would go): Okay.
Note #1, which he slid under the door right after I scolded him (and which I only saw later that night as it was blown away by the fan). Joey later told me (once he’d calmed down), his heart was broken when I scolded him.
Joey: Do you want me to survive out in the wild?
Me: You’re not going to the wilderness. There’s no such place near our house. (Joey leaves the room).
Joey (coming back with a pack of yogurt and milk in his hands): I’m leaving now.
Me: Okay. But how are you going to eat the yogurt, you don’t even know how to open it.
Joey (gets mad and stomps out): I’m leaving!
A few minutes later, I heard sobs from outside the door and later, this note slid under the door:
Pardon the sloppy handwriting, he got it from his dad.

Joey did go in eventually, saying sorry and hugging me after I sat beside him on the floor and offered him a chocolate bar. And with that, I realized I have a very sensitive little boy whose world quite revolves around me and how I treat him. So I make a promise to be more mindful of what I say to him.
Thus, he gets to sleep again on the bed with us; a squeeze considering we now have Georgie as well but, it will have to do.

PS: That sleeping on the bed part? Hubby relented and took out the foldable mattress and now sleeps on the floor. 😀