The World According to Joey: Field Trip 2014

I don’t get to spend as much time with Joey as I would like since I get home really late so I try to make it to his school activities, especially those that fall on a weekend. So a few weeks ago, I went with him on his field trip.
As soon as I saw the place, I wondered if I got myself in over my head. Adding to my trepidation was Joey asking if we could go on the zipline together. Zip-what?????

Teacher’s pet alert. 😀

Anyway, first even was an obstacle course. I wasn’t really paying attention until I realized that both the kids AND parents were required to participate in all the games. What have I gotten myself into?
A good thing this particular obstacle wasn’t part of the agenda for the day.

Joey and I aren’t particularly athletic – we trip, we fall, and land on our butts when faced with physical activities (cue my papa’s clucking sounds; it’s always been one of his greatest disappointments that for a former athlete like him, none of his kids and grandkids inherited the gene).

We got through the first activity fine. But the next one was tough — the dreaded zipline. Joey kept giving me big puppy eyes and I couldn’t just say no. 
We got as far as getting our harnesses fixed and the kuyas were about to push us off the ledge but my knees were already turning to jelly and my heart was about to pop out of my chest so I had to back out. The little kid was so sad. Fortunately, his teacher was right behind us in the queue and volunteered to take my place so Joey could still do the zipline. Life saver!

And yes, I conclude that Joey is the teacher’s pet. Hahaha!
Joey doesn’t like noise – here, he stepped out of the main hall because the music was playing too loudly.

There was a second zipline which I would have gone on with Joey (it was really short and low!), but they were only allowing kids. I did get to hold the rope that pulls Joey through the zipline, so yey!

Don’t grow up so fast, little boybie.

Joey with his friends.

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