Food Trip: Magnum Cafe

You have to admit: the heat is quite unbearable these past few days. I could barely function normally, as you all know that heat is my weakness (as one officemate succinctly put it, I transform into a monster when the temperature rises), so hubby and I are always on the lookout for places where we can cool down with a nice cup of ice cream or so. 
When the Magnum Café opened a few weeks back at SM Aura, hubby and I were both intrigued and curious at the long line of people patiently queueing to get an ice cream bar, so we waited until the crowds have become more manageable before we decided to try it out for ourselves.

Making your own magnum bar is quite easy. First, you choose which toppings you want – they have mini mallows, Oreos, dried mangoes, shaved cheese, strawberries, pistachio, and lots of other stuff. Second, choose your Magnum bar: vanilla or chocolate.

Up next, you choose your coating: gold, milk chocolate or dark chocolate. For the last step, choose your drizzle: white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate. 

Mine, Joey’s and the hubby’s. 

I got a vanilla bar coated in dark chocolate, topped with mini mallows, chocolate crunchy balls, and strawberry gummies, and finally drizzled in white chocolate.

The place was jampacked when we visited so we got ours for take out and just stayed at the food court.

Verdict? Well, it’s just your good old Magnum dressed to the nines. While having the option of all those toppings and coatings added some novelty to it, it was simply too sweet for me, even though I have a sweet tooth. Still, I wouldn’t mind coming back here to try a simpler mix, maybe just some nuts and white chocolate on my magnum. Plus, the price is quite hard to beat at just Php100.

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