The World According to Joey and Jorge: Let’s Star Wars Party!

One of my favourite pastimes is organizing events/travels – hubby has learned to trust my decisions when it comes to planning our trips (although he complains that I spend way too much on hotels) and family events (yes, I planned our own wedding from scratch). So I was very excited to have not one, but two major events to plan for earlier this year: Joey’s 7th birthday and Jorge’s baptism.
Jorge was born less than three months away from Joey’s birthday so we decided to have just one celebration (less expensive, not to mention, less of a hassle to plan on our end, and for relatives/friends to troop all the way to the event venue).
I was quite busy the first half of the year but thankfully, the church was a no-brainer: we stuck with St. Francis in Mandaluyong since it was where Joey was baptized (and where my parents got married back in 1979). We were such last minute planners we actually registered at the church one week before our planned date. Hahaha.
I just had to get a sailor-inspired baptismal outfit for Jorge, similar to the one I wore for my first birthday.
Jorge was probably the only baby who didn’t cry when the holy water was poured on his head.
Jorge with his godparents (we’re missing a sister-in-law and two friends from this pic) – our list of godparents, made of close friends and family, is short. But these are the people Ipe and I know we can call even in the middle of the night for no reason whatsoever.
Nunez-Cruz family.
With the Salvosa family
Nunez girls.

The baptism finished shortly after 12nn but Joey’s party was at two, so we herded everyone and treated them to snacks at Mary Grace while waiting.
Eighty years between them. And you can tell my lola likes the little boy who looks so much like her favorite apo (ahem, me).

Anyway, planning the party was the hard one. We initially thought of doing it at Shakey’s (since everybody eats pizza, the place was near the church, and it was more pocket-friendly) but Joey wanted a Star Wars/Lego party and Shakey’s only allows Justice League/generic themed-parties. I didn’t have the heart to disappoint the little brat so we looked for a place that would allow us the freedom to have our own theme.
I didn’t realize so many kids were celebrating their birthdays! We started looking at venues quite late – practically two weeks before Joey’s birthday and all the places we wanted were booked up until end of February, and we ended up getting a late March date at Kidzville.
This way please!

What I loved about this place was that while it was in a mall (Podium), said mall was not very crowded. Plus, since they weren’t affiliated with any particular company, we could very well have whatever theme we wanted. Google was our friend looking for Star Wars stuff – we got plates, tumblers, and forks from an online vendor over at Sulit. We would have ordered other party stuff from Singapore but we were afraid they wouldn’t make it before the party (not to mention, a single standee was worth Php2,500!!!).
If you have any idea on how meticulously I planned our own wedding, then you probably wouldn’t be surprised that I dragged the hubby to Divisoria for a few weekends to hunt for Lego stuff. Unfortunately, we didn’t find a single party store with Lego materials although we did find some fake Lego toys from China. I did get some cute table markers for the party.
I was very busy in the weeks leading up to the party but hubby was very hands on with the details. He designed the entire invite, including the text (of course), while I got those cute clips to hold them up on the table.

Since it was a Lego-themed party, we requested the venue if we could use black, red and yellow balloons and we added a balloon package so that the room wouldn’t be so bare. Hubby selected Star Wars songs which we played from his Mac throughout the party.
We selected the characters on Joey’s chocolate cake – Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Han Solo, atop a blue/black sky filled with stars. Jorge’s cupcakes were also Star Wars characters.
Loot bags for the kids! We added one Lego (the ones made from China, hahaha) toy per bag to make it more aligned with our theme.

As with the cake, Kidzville also had an in-house caterer, The Creamery Catering, so all we had to do was pick the menu for adults (I got the seven dishes rate). The kids’ menu was fixed though, consisting of spaghetti and chicken and snow cones.  Food was really good, from appetizer (assorted canapés) up to dessert (brownies)! I actually went back for seconds, and ate some more of the leftovers when we got home.
Snow cones! I think the adults enjoyed the snow cones more than the kids did!
Yummy canapes! I think I ate about ten of these (and more at home)!

Of course, Joey had to wear a costume but hubby and I couldn’t find one (or to be more precise, we didn’t have time) so we bought some fabric from Carolina’s, a light saber from Toy Kingdom, and some brown boots from Payless. Good thing our yayas were quite adept at hand-stitching everything and were able to finish his cloak before the party.
The yayas and hubby labored over this costume, based on instructions from Youtube.
Joey’s cake from Baked Twinkles was very cute and delicious!
Chewbacca cupcakes!!!

We originally thought of just having parlor games but decided at the last minute to hire a magician – one of the best decisions about this party! It would have been quite boring if the kids only had to play several rounds of Trip to Jerusalem! We also got a photo booth although I guess photo booths are quite passe already that only our yayas went for numerous shots. Hahha!
The magician playing his tricks.
The grown-ups weren’t spared: they had to play games too!

One of our main games was the costume contest. I wanted to go as Queen Amidala but wasn’t able to rent a costume but I was so happy that the kids came in costume.
Yes, our friends Eya and Eldric even had R2-D2, C3PO costumes made for their kids! Look at R2! Of course he won first place!
With our Varsi/journalist friends. No event of ours will be complete with this bunch. Thank you all for coming!

Some tips in party planning:
  • Plan in advance – so you can get the venue you want, and sometimes, even haggle for better prices.
  • Stick to your budget, but be reasonable. Hubby had this unreasonable expectation of having a themed-party for only Php 20,000 but I put my foot down. Hahaha.
  • Use the internet – it’s the best tool you have. We got our plates and utensils from an online store and our playlist and invitation decors from various websites.
  • Work out your guest list – as with any event, the number of guests you have largely determines the amount you’ll eventually have to shell out. In our case, we already had a big family and a lot of common friends so our guest list revolved only around those two groups.
  • Invite lots of kids! This is something I learned from my parents – when throwing a party for your kid, know that it is their party, not yours, so invite people they would be happy to be with. When I had my debut, my parents allowed me free rein and only reserved two tables for their own guests so for Joey and Jorge’s party, we invited Joey’s friends and his cousins, as well as kids of our friends.

I can’t wait for our next big event: Jorge’s 1st birthday in November!

12 thoughts on “The World According to Joey and Jorge: Let’s Star Wars Party!

  1. We enjoyed the party a lot. The cake was awesome (and yeah, we took home one of those Star Wars paper plates, naka-display sa kwarto, hehe!). Zee had a great time at the party. Thanks for inviting us! 🙂


  2. Hi. I was wondering if I can get your contact details in Sulit for the Lego Star Wars paper plates & cups. I couldn’t find one. Thank you so much! Best regards!


  3. Hi. Nice blog about your kids party. I was wondering where you got your Star Wars paper plates & cups. Can I pls get your suppliers contact details? My son is having his 6th birthday party & he’s a Lego Star Wars fan like your Joey. Thanks a lot!



    • Hi Riza,

      For the kids, we got the basic package (the one good for 20 kids – I think it’s around Php 18,500) but we added prizes (purchased outside) and addt’l kids. For the grown-ups, we chose the 8-dish menu.

      We didn’t pick a theme since we wanted Star Wars so what we did was to buy the paper plates, cups, utensils and decorations outside and also added a balloon package. We just requested that the color scheme of the party area be similar to what we had in mind, given our theme. We provided our own playlist and invites as well.

      Oh, and we added some food carts, and a magician and photo booth for entertainment, since we figured the kids might get bored if it’s just the usual parlor games.

      Hope this helps. Let me know how your party goes!


      • Hi Ms. Krissy,

        Did you get the balloon package from kidzville also or from outside? If from outside did kidzville asked for a corkage?



      • Hi Riza,

        We got the balloon package from them na din. It’s not expensive, or at least same rate outside, so we figured it would be less hassle to get from them. But they do allow getting it outside when we initially asked and didn’t mention corkage, so I assume they don’t charge for it.


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