Tintin Goes to Fully Booked

Hubby and I were in for a pleasant surprise when we went to Fully Booked over the weekend for our usual bookstore trip (nerdy couple alert: our dates almost always involves a trip to the bookstore)- we found that the magazine and poetry sections were renovated to house the Tintin shop!
Now, for those of you who are not familiar, The Adventures of Tintin is a famous comic series written by Georges Remi (pen name Herge), a Belgian cartoonist. The hero of the series, is Tintin, a young reporter, who is oftentimes assisted (or rescued) by his dog, Snowy. Tintin was hubby’s favourite growing up and we had wanted to go to the Herge museum in Brussels when we went to Europe last year but our packed itinerary prevented us from doing so.


 Anyway, it was such a treat going into the shop – they had so many cutesy stuff such as shirts for both kids and adults, some really nice bags, and character watches.
I wanted to buy some shirts and a Snowy stuffed toy for Joey; he loves Snowy so much!

I can already imagine buying lots of school stuff for Joey here!

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