Food Trip: Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

It’s been quite a while since a new pizzeria opened in the neighbourhood so I was excited when my officemates decided to go out for lunch on a surprisingly not so hectic Monday. Probably, the location (along Bautista Street in Salcedo Village – nead Salcedo Two), which is just a brisk five-minute walk from our office, made it all the more attractive to us.
Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza, named after the owners’ son, serves home-made pizza and pasta. I love that even though it is obviously Neapolitan-style, the menu presents a Filipino twist to Italian favorites. I mean, pasta with kesong puti downed with ice-cold calamansi or dalandan juice? How Pinoy right?!?
Since it was our first time, we ordered all their must-try items:

SMEG: Php370, homemade sausage, egg, mushroom, Gouda, and cream. You would think this one will be yucky with all that egg dripping all over it but this is one of my favorites.

Queen Margherita: Php340, tomato sauce, kesong puti, cherry tomatoes, and basil

Bacon Gouda: Php 365, honey, bacon and gouda

All their pizzas are made fresh after you order, and cooked in, where else, but the brick oven. The crust is quite unique in that it is both thin and crunchy yet thick enough so as not to break, especially when your slice is laden with all those yummy toppings.
Oh, and I must say, you gotta try their spicy honey sauce with your pizza! Again, I love honey but who would have thought of mixing spices and honey with pizza? Genius! 

Of course, we didn’t just stop with pizza. We had to have a taste of their pasta too (yes, we were that hungry!).

Salted Egg Pasta: Php 180, fettucine, cream, bacon, salted egg parmesan. I love salted egg but I never thought of using it for pasta! Easily my favorite pasta!
Lemon Mushroom: Php 220, Fettucine, cream, mushroom, lemon, parmesan.

Tomato Basil Pasta: Php 190, spaghetti, basil, tomato, garlic, parmesan. I normally don’t order red-sauce spaghetti when I eat out but this one was surprisingly good!

The place reminded me of old school carinderias but take that a hundred notches up; needless to say, it had an easy-going vibe well suited for a nice afternoon lunch or snack or some weekend catch-up with friends. It’s not stuffy at all. Plus, the food’s great and not to mention cheaper than the usual haunts in the neighborhood. I am definitely going back.

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