A Mother’s Day Foodtrip at Project Pie

My family and I aren’t big fans of eating out when I was younger. Sure, we’d go out every once in a while but we didn’t consciously do it whenever there were occasions or events. During birthdays, we would just cook special meals at home and let the birthday celebrator pick his/her gift. Our dining out thingies were more spur of the moment decisions, like when we’d all get in the car with no itinerary and decide to go eat sinigang and inihaw in Tagaytay. Looking back, I think this is why as grown-ups, my siblings and I never felt forced to throw a bash or buy gifts or anything – we were raised by parents who valued more the thought of being together for a momentous event and making someone happy, while at the same time being practical about it (at a time when just about every classmate was throwing a party every other weekend, my parents would tell me, would you rather have a party and have no money after or have a simple dinner at home and have money?). 
Well, I may have been raised that way but given my stubborn nature (that’s the one constant adjective that people seem to come up with hen asked about it), I decided to throw a devil may care attitude last Mother’s Day and treat my mom and siblings out for lunch (the dear old man’s not invited since he and mama are still not on speaking terms) at, where else, but the newest pizza place near our old house (we are suckers for pizza – more on that later)?
I am thanking my lucky stars even now that Fairview Terraces, a new Ayala mall, has opened just a short distance from our house. I mean, I love SM coz they’ve got it all for me, but the place is just too crowded and at the risk of sounding snobbish, I always fear for my bag whenever I’m in an SM mall (based on previous experiences). And I am thanking my lucky stars even more that Project Pie has a branch there. 
What’s special about this place is unlike other pizza parlors, you get to make your pizza from scratch (or from dough, hahaha) following three simple steps.
1) Choose whether you want white (olive oil) or red (tomato) sauce.

2) Choose your cheese, and believe me, they’ve got plenty: mozzarella, feta, blue/gorgonzola, ricotta, and parmesan.

3) Choose your toppings: pepperoni, sausage, crumbled meatballs, bacon, chicken, prosciutto, anchovies…

I took my sweet time picking my toppings. I like making pizza at home and putting loads of cheese on it so I really enjoyed the process. Hihi.

Okay, my mama, who is a Piscean by the way (yes, that makes all the difference because in case you haven’t noticed, people born under that star sign tend to have difficulties in making decisions, pizza included), couldn’t make up her mind. Hahaha.

After that, the pizzas are heated up in a “really, really hot” oven.

I got red sauce (duh), mozzarella, blue cheese, feta, pepperoni, pineapples, mushrooms, onions and rosemary on my DIY pizza. Plus, a bottomless order of peach iced tea.

But in case you’re not feeling up to the task, you can just “order by number” and select from one of their pre-arranged pizzas. Not bad at all, really. They cost more or less the same (Php 245/Php 285). I’m actually quite surprised at how relatively cheap the pizzas were.

You can order beer, in case you’re the pizza/beer type. Me, I don’t drink beer (or soft drinks, FYI).
Little bro and little sis. They used to call me the “bully” ate. In fact, my brother’s classmates called me the monster, presumably because I am the strictest sister this side of the planet.

Hubby and me. He already finished his pizza, but he still ate half of mine. Sheesh.

Okay, one thing I splurged on: I got my mama a new phone. 
Not that she needed me to buy it for her – it was one of those things she would never get around to buying herself (trust me, she can spend tens of thousands on a new music player or a new gas range, but she would never spend for a cellphone). In fact, as I was paying for the phone, I was half scared she’d get mad coz I am spending money on a gift.  You see, my parents never ask or expect gifts; even when I’d go out on trips abroad or during Christmas, they would only ask me what I did and where I’ve been. If I so much as give them a bag of imported chocolates, they would freak out because they would rather that I save that up for retirement or the kids’ education than on something less tangible (they’re not stingy in case you’re wondering; they just didn’t want us to grow up with that sense of entitlement and they’re just both really good at handling finances, which hopefully rubs off on me really soon). So giving a sorta expensive gift was kind of a big deal.

Hurray! She likes it! (breathes a sigh of relief)

The day we were there, Project Pie was also having a little artsy thing going on. They had the pillars outside the store decked in canvas and drawn with thought bubbles where customers can put quotes or anecdotes according to the three tenets of Project Pie: Design, Build, Eat.

The second one from top, left, is what my mama wrote. Unfortunately, she used a yellow pen which wasn’t exactly the best option. She couldn’t even read it after she finished writing it. Hahaha.

My brother was a bit more, err, creative, although the little sis did all the writing (the little brother has questionable handwriting skills).

How about you? How would you design your pizza? 🙂

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