Off Duty

Agenda for this day was Disneyland Paris and go outlet shopping at La Vallee afterwards so it was a no-brainer that I would pick the laziest and most comfortable clothes in my luggage. I didn’t want to feel too hot (it was sweltering) but I know the early evening can be cold for a girl from the tropics, which was why I opted for jeans.

Oh, and I swiped on my Ruby Woo lipstick from Mac for some oomph to an otherwise boring outfit.

Top, Giordano; Jeans, Lucky Brand; Flats, Tory Burch; hat, random from a stall at The Grove in LA; necklace, Anthropologie; bag, Coach

Top, Giordano; Jeans, Lucky Brand; Flats, Tory Burch; hat, random from a stall at The Grove in LA; necklace, Anthropologie; bracelt, Pandora; watch, Kate Spade; bag, Coach.

11 thoughts on “Off Duty

      • I’ve never tried on a pair of Repettos but they certainly are cute. I was “bitten” by the Tory Burch bug a few years ago and since then my collection of Carolines, Revas and Eddie (as well as a few other Tory Burch styles) has really grown. I can’t seem to get enough either.

        Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog.



      • Wow! I envy your Tory Burch collection! I’ve been dying to get the yellow one but they always run out could never find one in my size so perhaps I’d stick to Repetto again (I just spied a yellow pair on my way home tonight!). I used to always wear heels but a bad back and knees, and a couple of stern warnings from my doctor, forced me to invest in flats.

        Thanks for visiting my site!


  1. Hi there, long time no chat, hope you’ve been well. As expected my Tory collection is still growing (like I need more, haha.) I recently bought a new Tory styled flat that looks kinda similar to the TB Carolines but in reality is quite different. They are the TB Jolie’s. They have the same elastic band around the foot opening and other than that the toe is slightly pointier, they are a bit lower cut, the sole is a different material and the TB logo is different. The best part about them is the color! Clay pink. Unlike my Camellia pink Carolines which are more of a nude color these Jolies are a soft feminine shade of pink. This is what they look like.

    Hope your Caroline’s are treating you well.


    • Hi Bri!!! I am so sorry to not have written for so long or responded to you. I hope you are doing well. I have been swamped at work (and to be honest, I changed my laptop and took forever to figure out how to use it – I am that technologically challenged, haha).

      I love the new shoes, and the color particular suits you! My, how many have you got in your TB collection? Seems there’s no stopping you. 😊

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      • Glad you got your computer figured out. Computers are great but also frustrating. Thanks for your kind words about my new flats. I love the soft feminine shade of pink, and yes, they do suit me. WinkWink!


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