Printed Matter

The day was a mix of hot and cold – the sun was up, but the cold breeze kind of negated the heat so I decided on a fast becoming favorite sleeveless top from Target and some skinny jeans. Funny, I was never a fan of skinny jeans because I find them so restrictive but these jeans from Topshop are so comfortable, so soft, and fit perfectly that I bought two in different colors (I am thinking of getting two more pairs – maybe royal blue and mint green?).

And this top from Target’s collaboration with Peter Pilotto is a dream. I love prints and the vivid colors on this one makes me stand out in a sea of muted palettes (at least it seemed that way to me, hahaha). I’ve been a fan of Target’s designer collaborations since forever and I wish that some fashion mogul will bring the brand here to Manila. Pretty please? My Target x Missoni flats are still my favorite go-to shoes and they’re still as pretty as they were when I first took them them out of the box. 

Top, Target by Peter Pilotto; Jeans, Topshop; pumps, Coach.

Top, Target by Peter Pilotto; Jeans, Topshop; pumps, Coach.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOf course, no matter how comfortable Coach’s pumps are, I couldn’t very well walk all over Schonbrunn in them so I brought a pair of trusty slippers with me – a little glammed up version with gold metal chains just so I wouldn’t look so out of place roaming the palace grounds in flip flops.

Slippers, Comfit.

Slippers, Comfit.

I have a personal rule when traveling: bring only two pairs of shoes. I’m a shoe person and I’m pretty sure I will buy a pair of two wherever I am so it doesn’t make sense to bring a lot – plus it gives me more space in my luggage for shopping.

7 thoughts on “Printed Matter

    • hi Deanna! My number one tip would be to pack light, especially if you’d be taking trains! Hahaha! I have this luggage I can’t seem to let go of even though it’s old and everything, but I can cram it full and know that I won’t go beyond the allowed weight.

      I’ll be coming up with a few travel tips in a few days and will post it up on my blog – as per request by some of my “ardent” followers, aka, my family and friends. 🙂 Hope you check back on that!


    • Hi! I got them from Longchamp, a French brand. They have stores all over Paris (and Europe). I think you can get it online from Nordstrom’s or Neiman Marcus. 🙂


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