Just in case you haven’t noticed – I’m a big fan of white tops. It can be a plain white tee, a blouse, a lacy top, a tank… Sometimes, I don’t even realize I have lots of white stuff that it’s still the first color I grab when I go shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I love color but you can’t ever go wrong with white.It’s a blank palette, like black, but not as intimidating. You can dress it up, down, or go all out glam. It’s perfect.

Top, Stradivarius; Tank (underneath), Promod; jeans, Lucky Brand; flats, Tod's; watch, Kate Spade.

Top, Stradivarius; Tank (underneath), Promod; jeans, Lucky Brand; flats, Tod’s; watch, Kate Spade.

I found this top while walking past a Stradivarius store in our neighborhood in Paris. We were always either too early or too late but on our last day, I knew I had to have it. Oh, and those red flats? I had absolutely zero intention of shopping during this trip since I am saving up for a new house (with the addition of Georgie, the house is kinda cramped these days), but when I saw those shoes, I made beeline for the store, asked the salesman for my size, and promptly went to the cashier. All in less than ten minutes. My friends were amazed. Haha.

Anyway, I am not very fond of taking selfies so this is my way of being a little sarcastic (and that sarcasm is directed at me, lol). Look at my instagram and you’ll know right away. I mean, I’m too plain Jane! I’m not insecure at all (I’ve long accepted that I am not Hollywood material) but I wouldn’t exactly invite trolls to nitpick my looks. But hey, sometimes, I like to pretend that this blog is still somewhat related to fashion (which was the reason I put up the original blog over at blogger in the first place).




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