Disneyland Paris

I have this personal goal of visiting Disneyland across three continents. I knew there was one in Paris but I was too pregnant to visit last year (that and the fact that the hubby refused to go with me) so I made sure to squeeze it in our itinerary this year. I even told my friends that I would go to Disneyland by myself in case we didn’t have enough time (fortunately, we were able to finish all we set out to do that day).


Getting to the park was a breeze – we did get lost twice because we initially took the wrong train but from Paris, it’s just one train ride away, about thirty minutes or so, getting off at the Marnee-La Vallee station. You can’t miss it – just follow the parents with their excited kids when they get off the train. Hahaha!

Anyway, the park itself was smaller than I thought – and much less crowded than the ones in HK and in Orlando, Florida. There are two parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Knowing that the first one is more or less similar to the Magic Kingdom with its iconic castle, we opted to visit the Studios instead.

We had limited time in the park since we still had to shop at the outlet store so we headed first to watch Cinemagique, a show I enjoyed because of how they added two modern actors into several old movies. It started off with a seemingly innocent member of the audience stumbling off onto the stage while having a loud cellphone conversation and accidentally falling into the silver screen. Everything happened so fast I still haven’t figured out how he disappeared into the screen. Hahaha. And I was only too happy that his onscreen leading lady was Julie Delpy.

Of course, what visit to Disneyland would be complete without some character sighting? Too bad I wasn’t able to have my photos taken with them. Boo! 😦





They have Cars!


Toy Storyland was also a familiar attraction – I was able to visit the one in HK a few weeks after it opened and it’s one of my favorite parts of the park because of how pretty everything looked (shallow, I know).


They have the Parachute Drop!

There was one attraction my friends and I wanted to see since it was our first time to see this one – a 3D Ratatouille ride where you run around a restaurant and its kitchen while avoiding getting stepped on or bumped by carts, etc. There was a long queue and some technical problems but after an hour or so of waiting, we finally made it in! It was rather short though.


Food was pretty much what you’d get in other Disney parks which was surprisingly reassuring to me. There weren’t many stores to shop in which was well and good – otherwise, I would have ended up again with loads of Disney stuff. I seriously wanted to buy some dainty Tinkerbell earrings but they weren’t made in Europe; I wanted to buy those castle shaped chocolate bars but Paris was our first city and we still had four more to go – those chocolates would have just melted. So, I ended up with no purchases at all.


One item off my bucket list – I can now say I have been to Disneyland on three continents (Asia, North America and Europe). This may sound trivial to some but I love everything Disney and would decorate my house with Mickey and his friends if I could (as it is, I am sticking to picture frames and clothes for now). Nevertheless, I think I’d still visit Disneyland Paris when I go back. 😀


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