Blogging 101: Who I am and Why I’m Here

My love affair with writing is actually a by-product of my first love: reading. I learned to read at age three, quite young, starting off with songbooks and bedtime stories. After that, I asked myself, why not write my own? At first, it started with short poems that were really nothing more than bored scribbles, then I ventured to short stories and essays… One of the best compliments I ever got was when I was in grade school and I turned in my writing assignment for our English class, my teacher gave me a failing grade with this comment written in big red loopy writing asking who wrote my homework story for me and that next time, I better write my own homework. Other kids would have been crushed by that but I was actually very proud of it.

You probably would have thought I’d go on to major in something related to writing, such as journalism or creative writing. But, I also have a practical mind so I took the most practical course there is: Accounting. You have to admit, being a writer generally doesn’t pay much but any company will always need an accountant (but of course, I can be quite predictable as well as I ended up marrying a journalist).

Being amidst all those numbers nearly sealed the lid on whatever talent I had but I guess, you can never really bottle up something that you are passionate about, hence, I started keeping journals. Not the online ones so popular nowadays but the honest to goodness handwritten and sometimes tear-stained journals you only see now in movies. Then I found that I can actually release my thoughts and feelings “out into the void” as Kathleen Kelly from one of my favorite movies, You’ve Got Mail, said.

I don’t really blog for the readers; I blog for myself, about whatever I feel like writing (which probably explains why my blog topics run the gamut from fashion to gadgets to travel and… everything). Although I have to admit that it does make me happy to see the metrics shoot up or receive comment notifications. I blog because I love writing and sharing my thoughts. I blog because I want to be part of your everyday lives, to somehow touch a part of you, and maybe inspire you.

And since we are in the 21st century when paper publishing is becoming a novelty, I blog to live forever: to be immortalized in the world wide web for as long as my website, and my server, stands.

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