Royal Restore

I bought this Vernis French wallet from Louis Vuitton four years ago, as a sort of reward after I quit my previous job.


It was a lovely peach color but after a few weeks, it got smudged, what with all the tape receipt scattered inside my bag. It got so dirty I almost wanted to throw it away. Only the hefty price I paid for it kept me from making a rash decision.



I couldn’t find a good shop that would resurrect my beloved wallet so I actually moved on and bought a new one (although having learned my lesson, I shifted to a saffiano leather from Prada). And then I heard of Royal Restore.

You see, I have a fear of having my branded items left overnight to be cleaned by unknown shops. Call me irrational, but I would get filled with a nagging suspicion that they would switch my item for a fake one. But when I did a bit of checking about Royal Restore, I found out that it’s the sister company of Mr. Quickie. I am sure all of us have used the services of the latter,or at least have heard of it; my past shoe and bag emergencies have been solved c/o Mr. Quickie and knowing that it’s a trusted company, I finally decided to have my wallet looked at.

They only have one store at Virramall, Greenhills so I really had to go out of my way to get there; if you’re like me who admittedly has a very poor sense of direction, just ask the guards to point you in the direction of Toy Kingdom. Royal Restore is right beside it (it’s a small shop so best watch out for it).

First, they looked at my wallet to assess the damage and determine if it can still be saved. Fortunately, my wallet is still in pretty good condition, leather-wise; the only problem were the stains. Since it was light-colored, they told me the best way to restore it was to dye it another color. They had limited colors suitable for LV Vernis leather; I would have loved a red shade but they didn’t have it so I opted for the safer bet – black. After all, I couldn’t smudge it further, right? 😀

After three weeks of waiting, I finally got a call that my wallet was ready for pick up. I got handed this brown paper bag with a pouch inside which I really appreciate. I had left the original dust bag of my wallet when I gave it to them for restoration but it was a nice touch to wrap it further in their own pouch.

IMG_4795And voila! My wallet looked brand new! Everyone who saw it thought I had splurged on a new wallet until I revealed to them my secret weapon – Royal Restore!


I am definitely recommending Royal Restore for your leather concerns. I can’t wait to have my suede shoes cleaned as well!

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