Georgie’s First Birthday

November’s a pretty busy month for our family – sisters in law, mother in law, hubby, nephew, and Georgie all have birthdays during the month so practically all weekends are taken. It can get pretty tiring when compounded with the fact that it’s also a busy time at work and the hubby just switched companies (adding his PhD studies to the mix) so for Georgie’s birthday, we decided to just have a quiet dinner near our place.

But before all that, Georgie’s gotta have his first haircut at kids salon Peppermint! On a side note, I know I said I don’t like SM Aura when it opened last year, but I am loving it now more and more – aside from the kiddie salon, Kidzville and Quantum opened a few weeks ago so even kids can enjoy while their parents shop. If only there’s a Zara, Mango, and some decent jewelry stores, I will not shop anywhere else.

IMG_4657Kuya was very patient with Georgie even though he kept swatting the scissors and comb and crying.


We also made it to the mass at the Pedro Calungsod chapel to give thanks. It was standing room only but a good thing that Georgie was fast asleep; otherwise, he would have cried the whole time if he’d seen the crowd.

I was quite famished by the time mass finished and you all know how hard it is to get decent tables in restos during weekends (and with a stroller in tow, we needed a spacious place for dinner); we initially thought of going to Niu for some steak and wine (and of course, buffet) but they were full.  Yet for some reason, the Magnum Cafe was only half-full. I already knew we’d have dessert here but we got to have dinner there too!

We first ordered their roast beef salad. I’m partial to salads because I generally dislike leafy vegetables but this one had fresh ingredients. How can I tell? The leaves didn’t taste bitter. Oh, and the tasty beef strips probably helped a lot. Food at Magnum is very rich tasting so it can get kind of overwhelming after a while which is why it is best if you come as a group so you can share different items off the menu. Luckily, hubby is always a good sport when it comes to dining out. Teehee.


Joey loved the cajun spiced chicken. He normally doesn’t like spicy food, but this one had just the right mix of spice, crisp and everything good in between. I didn’t even mind the chicken skin because it was so tasty (but don’t tell my parents – we weren’t allowed to eat chicken skin at our house since they’re not healthy; I used to look longingly at chicken skin and pork fat everytime my mama throws them away before cooking). Joey ate almost the entire serving by himself.


I love this mash-up of super soft beef and perfectly mashed potatoes. The gravy is to die for!

IMG_4642Of course, as per tradition of having pasta during birthdays for long life, we ordered Magnum Bolognese. It’s basically your standard red spaghetti but with shavings of chocolate to top off all those meatballs and sauce. Very yummy.

IMG_4643And of course, dessert! We got red velvet, for a change. Very nice, not too sweet – but I still prefer their apple pie.

IMG_4641Joey opted to have his own make your own Magnum (but…he ordered off the menu).


Too bad Georgie missed everything – he slept through it all! Hahaha!

IMG_4644We initially thought of having a birthday party for Georgie’s first birthday. After all, we threw his big brother one almost seven years ago and we wanted him to have a party too. But then, hubby and I realized that Joey didn’t really enjoy his party, much less remember it so we decided we’ll just throw a party when Georgie’s old enough to walk and appreciate the magician and clowns.

Happy birthday my dear little Georgie! You don’t know how happy you’ve made us. I wish you good health and may you grow up to be a God-fearing, obedient boy.

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