Food Trip: Spatzle

Hubby and I decided to head to Shangrila Mall for his birthday dinner, as we wanted a place that wasn’t too crowded and hubby wanted to show me the new wing at the mall. Fortunately or not, a lot of people had the same idea so we had to look for a resto with a vacant table.

We almost would have skipped Spatzle if not for the crowd – we were quick to dismiss it as just one of those diner places that have popped up everywhere. But as soon as we sat down and got to observing the rustic place and the menu, I’d say good for us.

Spatzle, which is an egg noddle or dumpling prevalent in German cuisine, serves European dishes. I’m a sucker for cozy/rustic interiors and I was not disappointed with Spatzle’s. I love the use if cushioned wooden chairs and the shabby chic charm of their tables – most restaurants nowadays favor metal and plastic chairs, and laminated wooden or plastic tables so it’s a treat to see this kind of plain backyard setup in a restaurant.

Oh, and I found it very thoughtful of them to have added a hand sanitizer in the utensil organizer. All other places scrimp or just assume you brought your own. If only they’d added wet towellettes, I would have been sold. Hahaha!



Since it was our first time here, we decided to order their Greens Entree, Php 398 and Beef Stew, Php 480. Ever since our Belgium trip last 2013, I’ve been wanting to taste authentic Flemish stew and this  had me hoping to finally satisfy my craving.

Alas, while the salad was very delicious – I loved the fresh and crisp vegetables, particularly the sprouts, and the meat (I know having salad with meat kind of defeats the purpose but so what? ) – but the stew was a bit bland for my taste, like beef boiled in sauce made of whatever was available in the kitchen that day. Or maybe you could blame my tastebuds, since, having tasted the original beef stew right from the source, I was expecting this version to at least be as tasty. Not even the generous heaps of garlic could rescue it for me.



Luckily, hubby ordered the house specialty, the Spatzle corned beef, Php 498. According to our server, they make their own corned beef. I’m impressed – the beef was very soft and easy to chew, and not very fatty at all. It was served with cabbage, baby potatoes and carrots which were boiled and perhaps sauteed in butter after, which were the perfect foil for the beef. And what a generous serving it was.  We got about eight or so shanks, more than enouh for one person so the hubby gladly shared some with me. I would definitely recommend this dish.


We wanted to grab some of their dessert but most were not available so we just got a glass of sangria (hubby and I shared), which, in my eagerness, I forgot to snap a photo of. Suffice to say that their sangria is also very nice, if you orefer yours to be of the sweeter variety with none of that bitter alcoholic taste that is somehow inevitable when drinking strong alcoholic beverages.

Spatzle isn’t probably a place that you would frequent very often; though it is in a mall (in the new wing of the Shangrila Mall along Edsa), it doesn’t have much to establish its own identity and make it stand out and make you actively crave for it.

However, I wouldn’t mind going back for a bite of their corned beef. 😄

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