A Disney Christmas

The Christmas season found me in one of my favorite destinations – Hong Kong, which tops my list for a whole lot of reasons: it’s near (travel time is about two hours which is like a one-way commute from Makati to Fairview), it doesn’t require a visa (so yeah, you can practically show up at the airport, buy a ticket and go), and I can do a lot of things while there: hit up some theme parks, go shopping, and EAT!

I normally start all my HK trips with a visit to the happiest place on earth: Disneyland. I mean, how can you not? It’s just two stations away from the airport.

We were honestly tired when we arrived so we decided to catch some ‘zzzz first. It was late afternoon when got to the park – just in time for the afternoon parade!

Disney parades are always a sight to behold! I can just wander around the park all day watching the parades. Oh, and they normally change depending on the season. I remember that during summer, the characters would have spray guns!


And be sure to catch the parade at night! It’s even more spectacular with all the lights set against the darkness.

Disneyland is very pretty during the day – like all theme parks should. But for me, it’s at night wen the magic comes alive! There’s just something about all those shops on Main Street lit up that brings out the child in me. And you have got to watch the fireworks! It never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

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There was a special attraction during the holiday season: Anna and Elsa leading the crowd in the tree lighting ceremony. It was quite fun seeing the “snow” falling but I found it mildly annoying that all Anna and Elsa did were stand there making hand gestures while two Pinoys belted out Let It Go. I wish they just let the singers do the acting also, or, if they wanted the actors to be Caucasians, looked for actors who could also sing.


We wrapped up our visit with some dessert at the Corner Cafe, where I got a mug of hot cocolate to go with our molten chocolate cake and fresh fruits.



It’s my nth time at HK Disneyland but my first time to try the Hollywood Hotel. I previously stayed the the Disneyland Hotel (the Victorian style hotel with sweeping views of the ocean). Well, price points aside (the latter was twice as pricey) and minues the seaview, they are both superb. The rooms are comfortable and spotless and the staff are very nice. Disney hotels will always be my favorite hotels in the whole world. Teehee. ☺️


The Hollywood Hotel has smaller grounds but when you’ve got acres and acres, dmall becomes a relative term, right? It has a wide garden and a pool, although at this time of te year, I guess swimming is hardly on anyone’s list of priorities in HK.


Okay, I must admit. I was quite giddy when my friends agreed to have breakfast at the hotel. I mean, it normally costs more to eat in hotels and the fare is restricted to what’s on the buffet table, so we usually eat outside but having breakfast at the hotel meant we could pose with Mickey at our leisure. How cool is that?


I was quite full will all the bacon I stuffed in, but I could not resist getting Mickey Mouse waffles. i mean, come on! Look at it!


Could you tell by my wide smile just how happy I was?


See you again, soon, Mickey!

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