Some Lip Loving

I don’t know the definitive moment when I became a lipstick addict – but every time I’m stressed and I feel the need to shop but my wallet is on a diet, I would usually end up with a new lipstick shade. I guess that’s the lipstick theory right at work for you.

I have a lot of favorites which I tend to use for days or weeks on end; no particular brand favorite (as long as it’s hypoallergenic) or price point concerns either. Not to be a snob here, but come on, how expensive can a lippie be? Plus, the good brands (read: good for extra sensitive skin) are usually triple the price of the usual drugstore brands.

Currently though, I am obsessed with Mac’s Twig. It leans on the pinkish side of the range of nudes so it doesn’t wash you out.

Perfect for when you’re denied of sleep and in dire need of some brightening. The only downside is, it washes quickly – a cup of my morning coffee and I need to retouch it again.



For days when I cannot be bothered to check my lips in the mirror (like when I got stuck in traffic and am five minutes late to an early morning meeting), I rely on my all time Clinique lip crayons. But, I recently discovered that one of my favorite brands, Burt’s Bees, have new shades of their own lip crayons. Quite cheap too as they cost less than Php700 each! I alternate between the pinkish Niagara Overlook and the cherry red Redwood Forest.



Last holiday season, I had the sudden urge to get a wine red lippie. I’ve never been into the blood-red trend but plum/reddish-purple? I can do that. The first counter I ran into was Shiseido and after one trial swipe of shade RS 656, I knew it was a match made in heaven. This shade ranks up there with my all-time favorite but discontinued SmashBox nude shade.


On other days when inspiration takes hold of me, I try on other shades, although I still lean towards the ubiquitous and universally flattering nude lip. One shade I find easy to mix/match with outfits and can transcend daytime to nighttime is Mac’s  Yash. There’s just something sophisticated about a nude lip that a red lip can’t project.

But of course, I do feel girly at times so I swipe on Lancome Rouge in Love shade 351M, a light pink with enough shimmer that’s perfect for summer/spring. And of course, for days when I just feel the need to be bold, I make a toss between  Mac’s cult fave Ruby Woo and its lesser known sister, Lady Bug. They’re both vivid red and not for the faint of heart, but the former has blue undertones while the latter is more crimson.


What’s your favorite shade? 👄💄💋

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