The Pokemon Go Update You Need Is Here

I’ll be the first to admit: I, along with a million other players, was actually getting bored with Pokemon Go. I mean, come on, just how many Rattatas (no matter how much the little brat at home loves it) and Pidgeys do you really want to catch? And no matter what I do, I just can’t find the missing pocket monsters I needed to finish my pokedex. I don’t even have a Dragonite!

But this latest update might just be the needed push to get me back in the game – and let me count the ways.

80+ new pokemons. Yup, 8-0! Now I have more monsters to get excited about. It’s quite amazing too that my eldest son actually knows which ones evolve into what, their powers and all that stuff. So far, I have caught 19 of these newly added monsters. And I wasn’t even trying too hard since I was caught up with deadlines and a presentation today that I could NOT mess up – I caught these monsters while going across floors at the office. Yes, I am that hooked – I even have the app open in my purse whenever I head off to meetings so that my steps count towards the mileage required to hatch eggs! 😂





Umbreon and Espeon. News of the appearance of Eevee’s other evolutions started making the rounds last quarter, but not a single sign of these new pokemons in the last couple of updates. But, lo and behold! I used the tried and tested way to determine the evolution of your Eevee, and since I am partial to this flower, I renamed one of my monsters Sakura and evolved it. Voila! Out came Espeon, the sun pokemon/psyhic evolution of Eevee. I didn’t want to get my hopes up but there it was.


Excited, I renamed my other Eevee into Tamao and got Umbreon, the moonlight/dark evolutioj of Eevee.


New types of berries. While I appreciate the razz berry, sometimes I think it’s nothing but razz, you know, like the Razzies?

Fine, lame joke.

May I introduce then, the pinap and nanab berries:


I didn’t get to research the berries prior to my first use of each, so I ended up wasting them. But since I am feeling generous today (yes, the presentation went well and I managed most of the deadlines), the pinap doubles the number of candies you can get from the pokemon SHOULD you manage to catch it. So yes, it’s a bit risky but then, double the candy? I’m in. The nanab, meanwhile, calms down the monster, making it less erratic and easier to catch. I managed to catch several thousand-CP pokemons using the standard ball coupled with this berry so it really is a big help.

The berries and poke balls are also now strategically located at the bottom left and right of the screen when you catch a pokemon – no need to access it by opening your items and selecting which to use. All you have to do now us swipe.

Additional evolutions and special items. Some of the pokemons we all thought we’ve evolved to their final form (well, at least those of us who never played the videogame nor watched the shpw), sneaked in a surprise as well. I already spied Blissey (Chancey’s evolution) at a nearby gym and saw Poliwhirl get another evolution form, albeit with a special item.


I did notice though that the gps tracking seems to have been messed up – I could see my avatar going round and round hundreds of meters from where I actually was. Not that I’m complaining as that just counts towards my mileage.

And Niantic might need to do something with their server as it seems this update has got a lot of players excited: my app crashes every time I open it anew. I have to try at least three times every time before I could get it up and running.

The updates today made me excited to play Pokemon Go again, so much that hubby and I are contemplating going hunting again in poke-hubs like we used to months ago. And judging from the number of crashes I experienced with the app today, safe to assume a big number of players are too.

But is it enough to sustain the success of the game for many more months? Time will tell. All I know is, I’m gonna catch ’em all!

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