I can’t even find the right words to start this post and I find it quite apt that I am resurrecting my blog for the nth time via a post about Batanes. For indeed, the unspoilt beauty of Batanes reawakened something in me.

Maybe it was the dream fulfilled – after all, those who know me can attest that Batanes has been on my bucket list ever since I’ve had a bucket list (and yes – even here on this blog).

I fell in love with Batanes the minute I laid eyes on it while bawling over Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez’ tragic love story in Hihintayin Kita sa Langit. Of course, I was too young then to know the place and internet was unheard of then (I know, I know, I betray my age). I think I must have read it in the papers then; we used to have the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Tempo delivered to our doorstep everyday until I turned 18, when we moved to a different house in a different city.

But it took 37 years of existence until I finally reached Batanes, and all of it last minute. I was supposed to have a trip out of the country with the hubby and when it didn’t push through, I suddenly found myself with nowhere to go. Batanes had been tugging at my heartstrings so it was a no-brainer.

So yes, this isn’t a cost-efficient guide. My main concern was the weather since what is the point of availing the seat sale if I won’t enjoy it anyway? I was already on leave and when I saw five straight days of sunshiny weather cia Accuweather, I closed my eyes and just clicked book for my airfare.

Next on my list was accommodation. Batanes has long been my dream so I decided to splurge a bit by booking Fundacion Pacita for two nights (the place is so perfect I will make a separate post for it), and Amboy’s Hometel for the rest of my trip, since I wanted to stay somewhere close to the town center.

My guided tours took a third of my entire budget. I was travelling alone (the hubby only stayed overnight), and I didn’t want any inconvenience so I booked a van and a guide for myself for two days to tour Batan (where Basco is located). I wanted to stay overnight in Sabtang but hubby was against me staying alone on a remote island so I made do with a daytrip; I couldn’t get a private tour so I opted to join a group. Honestly, I’m not the group tour type of person because I tend to take my time and don’t want to be rushed but I was very lucky to have been grouped with like-minded folks who I am now happy to call friends.

Everything and everywhere and everyone in Batanes surpassed my highest expectations – I cannot think of a bad thing to say. Not even the lack of internet or cellular signal, which would normaly have pissed me off, could spoil it. It’s the closest thing to heaven and it’s just an hour away from Manila.

I cannot wait to go back.

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