Pigeons and Prints

I have this thing for newsprint, even before Carrie Bradshaw donned that Dior dress on SATC: I have a dress, a top, a skirt, pants, and even two bags in this print. This skirt is the latest addition to my growing collection.

It was hot in Milan that day but the nights get much colder so I decided on a short skirt and a knitted top to balance out the cold in my legs. Hahaha! And what better way to pose in Milan than to stand right in front of the Duomo, feeding the pigeons?

Skirt, Romwe; top, Espada; flats, Tory Burch; bag, Longchamp.

Skirt, Romwe; top, Espada; flats, Tory Burch; bag, Longchamp; sunglasses, Michael Kors.



Top, Camille Co for Romwe; skirt, Anthropologie; sandals, CMG; necklace, Parfois

Top, Camille Co for Romwe; skirt, Anthropologie; sandals, CMG; necklace, Parfois


It’s common knowledge that I love ribbons, glitter, sparkle, and anything girly. So when I saw this top while doing some online window shopping, I knew I had to get it. That and the fact that it was made of faux leather.

And what can I say about the skirt? It’s embossed, in one of my favorite colors, and it has pockets too! I got this one from Anthropologie, at 70% off! And I am so happy that they now ship to our dear PI and I no longer have to ask someone to get it for me.

Shot at the Nelson Mandela Park in Paris.

Off Duty

Agenda for this day was Disneyland Paris and go outlet shopping at La Vallee afterwards so it was a no-brainer that I would pick the laziest and most comfortable clothes in my luggage. I didn’t want to feel too hot (it was sweltering) but I know the early evening can be cold for a girl from the tropics, which was why I opted for jeans.

Oh, and I swiped on my Ruby Woo lipstick from Mac for some oomph to an otherwise boring outfit.

Top, Giordano; Jeans, Lucky Brand; Flats, Tory Burch; hat, random from a stall at The Grove in LA; necklace, Anthropologie; bag, Coach

Top, Giordano; Jeans, Lucky Brand; Flats, Tory Burch; hat, random from a stall at The Grove in LA; necklace, Anthropologie; bracelt, Pandora; watch, Kate Spade; bag, Coach.

My Latest Skincare Regimen

A few weeks ago, I had a massive allergy attack – my face suddenly grew large red patches, my skin was flaky, and I was itchy all over. My face looked like it was fried under the sun even though I’ve been spending more time indoors than I should. It was so bad I was forced to go to a dermatologist (and you all know how much I try to avoid going to a doctor of any specialty).

Given that it was a weekend and most of our HMO-accredited doctor don’t have weekend clinics, I decided to go to my trusted mall-based one – Dermclinic. I am far from a loyal client since I don’t go regularly, but whenever some skin catastrophe happens, this is the first place I run to and trust. I once had a bad allergic reaction to deodorants a few weeks before my wedding and they miraculously whitened my skin in just two short weeks. It was costly, true, but it saved my life, and my wedding day.

Nu Derm Fluoderm, Mild Facial Lotion, Vitamin C, and anti-histamines.

Nu Derm Fluoderm, Mild Facial Lotion, Vitamin C, and antihistamines.

Anyway, my allergies were triggered by stress this time around, and I was told to not stress too much (!!!), and given fluoderm (a topical cream that works just like cutivate or betnovate IMO), a bottle of vitamin C to even out my skin tone (due to scarring), and two bottle of antihistamines – one for day, and another one for night. Trust, the one scheduled to be taken at night knocked me out so badly I woke up at 10am the next day. On a freaking Monday. To be on the safe side, I was also given a mild facial wash lotion that reminded me of Physiogel, although I liked this one better because of the consistency.

Did it work? Yes! And once again, I have Dermclinic to thank for my skin’s fast recovery. Just two days into the week-long treatment and the red splotches were gone. Makes me seriously consider booking regular appointments with my derma.

Nu Skin deodorant, feminine wash, body wash, and shampoo

Nu Skin anti-perspirant, feminine wash, body wash, and shampoo

Since avoiding stress is quite out of the question (who in this century can honestly say they live a stress-free life, anyway?), it was almost an answered prayer when one of my former teammates from two companies ago called me to try out their skin products under Nu Skin, a direct-selling American company. They have several lines, mostly dealing with anti-ageing and lifestyle products, but I took the safer route and asked for the mildest shampoo and soap  in their line-up.

I normally hesitate using liquid soap but this unassuming white bottle gave me a refreshing grapefruit scent which smelled sweet enough to make me want to sniff my skin, but not overpowering that would make me sneeze. It has a rich lather that rinses off easily, one of my main issues with liquid soaps, making it very economical – a bottle lasted me almost two weeks!  And at Php780/bottle, it is much cheaper than my Avene soap (around Php 600/bar which only lasts me a few days). And yes, I didn’t break out in angry red spots after a month of continued use.

The shampoo was also divine – the Ava Puhi shampoo/conditioner combo worked wonders not just for my hair but also my scalp. I normally have a hard time finding a shampoo that works for me: again, stress makes my scalp flaky and itchy, and the wrong kind of shampoo can aggravate it in an instant. Not even anti-dandruff shampoos have worked on me. Plus, I had my hair rebonded at the start of the year (and dyed it a bright red a few days ago) so I was careful with the brands I use. I was quite happy for a time with the Garnier shampoo for hair and my huge tub of organic conditioner from Tony and Jackey salon, but the Ava Puhi was a welcome addition to my shower routine. It smelled nicely too and didn’t give me any dandruff.

The scion feminine wash and anti-perspirant also passed my strict skin test (fine, my skin test consisted of using it for a couple of weeks). I guess the key here is that the fragrance used isn’t strong and that each product is Ph-balanced and uses clinically-tested ingredients. Safe to say that I have found a product combo that I will have a long-term relationship with.


Neutrogena facial moisturizer with SPF 15, VMV Hypoallergenics body and hand lotion

Up next in my roll call is the Neutrogena facial moisturizer. My dermatologist told me to get Physiogel moisturizing cream but they ran out at the Mercury Drugstore I went to so I opted to get one from my trusted brand (yes, I am quite loyal to products from my former and current employers). It has SPF too and not thick like most sunblocks so it matches my wants from a multi-use product.

A high school friend introduced my to VMV Hypoallergenics. I’ve been wanting to try their products but never got around to doing so because 1) I have too many other products at home and 2) I honestly just keep forgetting. Anyway, one weekend I found myself walking around Bonifacio High Street and I decided to get their hand and body smoother.

Verdict? I love it! It is by far my favorite lotion (shooting past my Aveeno and Avene staples). You know why? My skin easily feels very supple after applying it and while it is fragrance-free, it leaves a distinct scent that reminds me of milk and honey. And I don’t itch or dry out even though it’s been hours since my last application. I loved it so much I also got a tube of lipstick which I hope to blog about soon (which reminds me that I am about seven tubes of lipstick delayed).

 Neutrogena body wash, Kiehl's Centella Recovery Skin Salve, Lip Balm, Toner and facial wash

Neutrogena body wash, Kiehl’s Centella Recovery Skin Salve, Lip Balm, Toner and facial wash

A few days before I got my Nu Skin loot and right after my trip to the derma, I tried out Neutrogena’s shower and bath gel, which, sad to say, fell short of my expectations. The scent made me sneeze just a few seconds after opening the cap, and my skin felt taut and dry after using it. The hubby liked it though.

I also tried out the Centella Recovery Skin Salve, toner, lip balm and facial cleanser from Kiehl’s. The salve, which almost drained my wallet that day, works best on irritated skin. I use it when my skin threatens to dry up and becomes itchy (since the fluoderm cream is steroid-based and not to be used for more than seven days) – and my skin immediately feels and looks nourished the day after. And of course, who doesn’t swear by the lip balm? Too bad the store didn’t have the colored lip balms I prefer and hoarded in one of my  trips abroad.

I am packing my bag for a three-week vacation and all  the products you see here are already safely tucked in their own compartment in my luggage. Yes, they are that good that I cannot leave home without them (nor would I want to rely on hotel-issued bath and body products).

Beauty Picks

It’s no secret that I have really sensitive skin. If money were no issue, I’d have SKII products round the clock but since they’re so damn expensive and not locally available, I usually run out before I can buy it abroad (or ask someone to buy it for me). I ended up settling for a set from a well-known international brand that didn’t address any of my skin concerns and only made things worse (my skin got so dry, had breakouts, and literally broke and bled in some parts).
I’ve been holding off posting these products because I wanted to make sure they work really well and judging from the reaction of people who’ve seen me lately, I seem to be glowing and have gotten better skin (which is hardly the case when you’re pregnant with a baby boy). 
a) Nuxe Paris Mousse Cleanser. This one is a very light foam cleanser but does the job well. It removes dirt, oil and makeup in one go but doesn’t dry the skin. When I finish washing my face, it doesn’t feel taut or stretched but supple. The fact that it smells heavenly like roses is like the icing on the cake. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and my skin has been noticeably brighter and pimple-free. Even the hubby has noticed that it’s getting clearer every day.
Discovering this product was quite serendipitous. I was about to pay for my SKII loot when one of the ladies at Sasa in HK spotted my baby bump and advised me not to use SKII. Apparently, the anti-ageing properties might not be good for the baby. I am only familiar with retinoin as not being good for pregnant women, and I am not sure if SKII has this but of course, I wouldn’t want to risk it. So I asked around for a more suitable alternative and the rest was history. It’s not exactly cheap though – almost as pricey as SKII’s cleanser but I’m loving this more. I haven’t seen it in stores here in the Philippines though, but you can get it online at sasa.com. 😀

b) Physiogel Cleanser. What I like about this product is that you can use it with water. And without. How cool is that? You just massage a dollop on your face and tissue if off afterwards and you’re all set. Perfect for when you’re in a hurry or when your eyes are tired and you’d rather not strain your eyes with water (my parents’ keep warning me not to wash my face after using the computer all day – don’t know the wisdom behind this but I have not so good eyesight and I’d choose my eyes over my skin any day). 
I still like Neutrogena’s Fine Fairness Toner but for those looking for a cheaper alternative, this one’s the best I’ve come across – Snoe’s Awesome Poresome Pore MInimizing and Clarifying Tonic. If I remember correctly, it costs less than Php200 (more than 60% savings over Neutrogena). It stings a little bit when you put it on your face but it doesn’t dry my skin and my skin has become more evenly colored after using this for a couple of weeks/months (and not religiously at that). I can’t vouch for the pore-minimizing claims as I don’t really monitor my pore size (who does?) but I guess it works as my face is generally better looking. It smells sweet but not overly so and won’t cause you to sneeze (I guarantee it!) Hahaha. Oh, and this one’s proudly Filipino made!
I used to be quite confused with my moisturizer – I have a day cream (SKII) and a night cream (Neutrogena) and on some days, I also use the Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil moisturizer and Pore Minimizer. Not that I use them every day; having a lot to choose from just confused me that I end up not using any at all most of the time. So I’m really glad to find this Creme Fraiche moisturizer from Nuxe Paris.
It’s a strong acting moisturizer which hydrates and mattifies the face for 24 hours and can be used for day or night. I use it in the morning and at night. It smells a bit sweet and lotion-y like whitening lotions but it doesn’t overpower the senses so your nose should be alright.
Body Lotion
I’ve blogged about Avene soap and repair cream here and I was very satisfied with how well my skin regained its elasticity so I made sure to get the body lotion as well during our trip to Paris last month (can you believe it only costs EUR 4.99 there but costs close to Php2,000 here???). 
I can’t stress enough how much I love this lotion and the repair cream. My hand got so dry a few months that it cracked and bled and I ended up with dark, scabby skin but after two or so months, the scar is practically gone and my hands are back to normal!
Make up
a) Pore Putty BB Cream. I’m a lazy person when it comes to fixing myself so I gravitate towards no-fuss products. I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about Japanese cosmetic products but could not find one that’s a) not so pricey and b) worked well for my face. Then I found this. It has various shades for different skin colors, glides on very smoothly, looks very natural with a dewy finish, and doesn’t have any fragrance. Plus it’s very cheap like a drugstore brand. Perfect. I still don’t know if it’s available locally, but again, you can purchase this online at sasa.com.
b) Lip Collagen lip gloss. I am not really sure of the brand name of this lip gloss (the entire packaging was in Japanese) but I love that it’s light pinkish and that it’s wand is made of plastic instead of spongy so it doesn’t get stained and I can put it right on top of my Benetint lip stain.

Hair Care
I thought I’d sneak in a hair product in this suposedly skin-centric post so here’s my pick for hair care:
a) Lucido-L hair make supplement. Being pregnant means no rebonds, perms, and other stressful hair treatments. My hair has always been unruly – never straight but not curly enough to be considered curly-haired. So this Japanese product is heaven-sent because it gives my hair that hot oil treatment in just a few minutes, it’s leave on, and it makes my hair behave when I want/need it to. It has a light scent that I am not too fond of but thankfully, it doesn’t make me sneeze and it dries up fast so it doesn’t cause me any trouble.
I am using the straight hair variant but they also have treatments for curly haired gals so there’s bound to be something for everyone.

So there you have it – my tried and tested beauty loot. What’s yours? 😀

Daily Fashion: Repetto and Lancel

Let’s take a short break from all the travel posts, shall we?
As I said, I didn’t get very lucky shopping in Europe. Silly old me didn’t do any prior research and had assumed malls operate the same hours they do here. So, imagine my shock when I learned almost all of them close at 6PM!
While I wasn’t planning on any major shopping, I had a couple of stuff I wanted to buy. I did manage to get these two lovely stuff for my birthday. 🙂
Meet my new pair of shoes and bag!

I’ve always wanted to buy a pair of Repettos but didn’t dare get it online coz a lot of people have said they don’t run true to size. They did open a boutique here in the Philippines early last year but it was so expensive to get it from here. Fyi, Repettos are made by ballet shoes (and clothes/accessories) experts so they’re bound to be one of the most comfortable pair you can own.
I wanted to get a red pair but too bad they didn’t have any. It was sale time when we went to Europe and just about all the nice colors are gone. Or if they do have the nice colors, they were in all the wrong sizes. I’m a bit partial to blue so at least I got one I like.  But I think I abused it walking all over Belgium.
As for the bag, well, you all know I’m not logomaniac. In fact, I try to avoid stuff with screaming logos. And I am also partial to slouchy and small bags (as opposed to the structured/boxy ones) so this Lancel Flirt bucket bag with discreet logo was just purrrrfect for me. I’ve been wanting to buy it ever since I personally laid eyes on it in Hongkong last year but wasn’t able to. 
So there you have my little shoe and bag reveal. 🙂

Travel Make-Up Kit

When I was younger (teens and my early 20s), I didn’t care much about make-up and skincare. In fact, I never owned anything remotely related to beauty. It was only in my late-20s that I discovered and cultivated an obsession with cosmetics and since then, I’ve become some sort of hoarder, although I have yet to get to the part where I actually learn to use them. 
But even though I am practically clueless when it comes to putting these products on me, I have a tendency to pack every single one I could into my luggage whenever I travel. You know, for that unforeseen event when you would have to do your own make-up and everything. And because I have this weird notion that I know and have the time to put them on before I step out my hotel room for the day, so that I would at least look decent in my travel photos. 
Ahh, such trivial pursuits. Hehe. 
But, packing five bottles of foundation and a dozen lipsticks can be quite problematic for those of us with limited baggage allowance (not to mention my overpacked kikay kit is bursting) so I figured, why not edit a bit, right? So I stared long and hard at my dresser drawer and figured out which products I use on a daily basis (in an ideal world).
  • Primer. I’ve recently discovered this primer, That Gal, from Benefit which I absolutely love. It’s pink and it brightens my usually dull and pale skin, plus it smells like strawberries! I’m usually allergic to fruity scents but for some reason, this one agrees with my nose. 
  • Lip/Cheek tint and blush. Also from Benefit , this nifty little box of tricks is a lifesaver. I mean, it has a small bottle of bestsellers Benetint (lip/cheek tint) and High Beam (a highlighter), a powder blush, a creamy gloss, a brush, and a pocket mirror. With matching instructions to boot! I normally just use the tint and highlighter though, since I’m too lazy to use powder blush and I tend to “eat” the gloss. 
  • Cream blush. On days when I really want to look a little made-up or more presentable, I put on this Nars Orgasm blush. This has been voted the best blush-on many times and what can I say? It lives up to the hype.
From left: Kikay kit from Benefit contaiing tint, highlighter, powder blush and lipgloss; Nars Orgasm cream blush; Benefit’s That Gal primer

Oh, and one other thing I love? This little wand from Benefit which has the tint on one end and a clear gloss on the other end. See? You only need this in your bag and you’re good to go! And did I mention that the tint smells oh so rosy? As a finishing touch and when my face feels a little too oily, I pat down this minty face balm, also from Benefit. It works as an oil absorbent and also to set your make-up and it smells citrusy. But again, for some reason, my nose loves it!


Clockwise from tip: Benefit’s Pocket Pal with tint and gloss; L’Occitane’s Rose hand cream; Benefit’s Dr. Feel Good face balm; Clinique spot correcting cream; Benefit’s high-beam. These are the minimum carry-ons in my kikay kit.

And I just have to add this little power-packed moisturizer. During my last foreign trip, my skin got so dry (I think it got confused with the weather – 31 C during the day and 11 C during the night) it started cracking. None of the moisturizers I packed (the Tea Tree line from The Body Shop) helped so I asked the kind girl at Sephora to give me her strongest moisturizer and she gave me this FAB Ultra Repair Cream. FAB actually stands for First Aid Beauty. And it truly lives up to its name. 
FAB repair cream; Benetint lip balm with SPF – smells like roses!

On a side note, I’m stuck in bed right now and since I don’t want to be totally unproductive, thought I’d write about some of my latest make-up purchases. These babies aren’t exactly new – just a very late post. Hope you get to try and like them as much as I do!

Only Avene Touches my Skin (at least for now)

I said it before but I’ll say it again – I have really sensitive skin. Lately, the condition’s gotten worse so I had to go to a derma and she recommended that I try Avene.
It’s a French brand that uses spring water from the founts of Avene (hence the name)and it’s recommended for people with really sensitive skin. I got the cicalfate, a repairing cream for my skin since I now have scaly skin that’s so dry it’s actually breaking and bleeding in some parts, from my derma (I think it’s for prescription only) but the rest can be bought at Mercury drugstores. 

Hubby bought the soap for me. I used Aveeno (a Johnson and Johnson product) and while it’s still a good one, it hasn’t been able to keep up with my increasingly sensitive skin so for now, I’m using the Avene one.  And I don’t know for how long, but if you purchase a regular priced item, you get a sample sized facial essence for free. Lucky me got two! A good deal and also what I need since I ran out of SKII and I have yet to retrieve my Shu Uemura goodies.

Anyway, so far so good. After just a few days, my skin is healing already so I can’t wait to also grab their lotion and lip balm. And if results are as good, then I’m definitely a convert. Prices are quite steep though – the Cifalcate is Php1,000 for 1.35 Oz (it’s a little bigger than the smallest toothpaste tube) and the soap is Php695, a tad more expensive than Physiogel (another product I recommend for those with super sensitive skin) but definitely cheaper than SKII (which isn’t even sold locally; the nearest place would be in HK). 

But it’s definitely worth it than enduring itchy and painful skin.

Back to Flats

I used to be a heels type of girl and every single day would find me rocking nothing lower than three inches. Make me wear flats and I will fall flat on my face. Seriously. And I didn’t even own rubber shoes or sneakers, and would make a mad scramble to the mall whenever we have teambuilding events at the office just so I have decent footwear. 

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a back/knee problem, the medical term for which, I have forgotten already. I’m supposed to undergo therapy for it, but up to now, I just ignore the pain. My bad. This was worsened by my penchant for heels and my fast weight gain – I had been at a steady 108 lbs since high school up until I got pregnant; right after I gave birth, I went back to this weight but in a span of three months, due to stress-eating, I gained almost twenty lbs. 
Anyway, my back problem made heels quite out of the option for me and now, I only wear them when I have meetings/events to go to. The rest of the time, I wear flats (or flip flops when I’m just seated at my desk in the office), which made it necessary to rethink/restock my shoe cabinet.

My favorite so far has got to be this Missoni for Target pair. I had been lusting for this pair but didn’t know how and where to get them until I found someone on tumbler selling them babies. Good thing it was in my size. This pair is my MOST ABUSED pair ever. So used that the soles are already so thin I really should be getting them replaced. What can I say? It’s so comfortable and pretty and I can walk for days in them. Plus, it doesn’t stink. I don’t have stinky feet but you know when you’ve been wearing the same pair over and over and they tend to get all musty on you? I swear, this pair is almost too good.
Knitted Missoni for Target ballet flats
This next pair is my second favorite pair – it’s gold and beige (and I just couldn’t resist editing it in soft tones and making it glow, hahaha!) so it goes with just about anything. Plus, I got it last year from Ever New at 50%! It’s a great pair which I took with me to HK and suffered the rain and the sun, got soaked, etc. It survived a second trip but one of the straps soon gave up on me after that. 😦
Gold flats from Ever New
Okay, this next pair is probably the pair most of my friends would be surprised to know I have. I have never had boat shoes. EVER. See, I used to have stick-thin legs (well, now they’re a bit rounder, hehe) and wearing chunky shoes made me look like I was about to fall over so I tried to steer clear of them when I was younger. But this pair was just too cute. Plus, it’s gold, which is my weakness as you already know.
Sperry Topsiders
I have a confession about this next pair – I didn’t buy it. I actually ordered clothes from online shop SheInside.com but for some reason, this pair of calf-hair studded shoes showed up instead. I eventually got the clothes and the company was nice enough to let me keep the shoes coz apparently, it would cost more to return it. A good thing it was in my size and we all know all these studded thingies are the rage right now. That’s US$80 savings for me!
Now, as much as I love my Missoni pair, I had to look for a second pair of ballet flats. I wanted something that I can just stuff in my bag, but I didn’t want the usual flats sold online and in malls – you know, the ones with soles so thin you might as well be walking barefoot? Luckily, I found this UK brand in Multiply – Cocorose.

This pair is probably one of the most beautiful pairs of flats I have ever seen (and well, one of my most expensive pairs yet). It’s made of sheepskin with fish scales for the heel and toe portion, and has petite heels. It also comes with a little pouch and a satin shoulder bag so you can put your heels inside and wear this pair. So thoughtful! I just love this pair and never leave home without it.
My last pair is probably the final sign that I have crossed over to the dark side – of wearing flats, that is: a pair of Keds. I guess everyone knows or even owns/have owned a pair of this brand so I need not explain why or how I ended up buying this pair. And it’s fast becoming one of my most abused pairs of shoes as well, especially when I am going out with my little boy.

I used to hate wearing flats, but I’m getting used to them now. In fact, I can’t imagine not having them now. So I guess, they can live peacefully side by side with my stilettos in my shoe cabinet. 🙂


This is a very looooong overdue post. A quarter of a year overdue in fact, but I have to confess to you guys my latest hoard from my US trip last year:

Tada! I got not one, not two, but three bags (four actually, if we include the small shoulder bag). 

The Coach Legacy Tote. This bag comes in very delicious colors such as red, orange, bright blue, and yellow. I have been eyeing this since I first saw it in HK a couple of months back, but I’m glad I held back coz I was going to get the red version then, but lo and behold, they have it in yellow as well! See, great things come to those who wait.

What I love about this bag is first, it’s not very expensive. I tend to really take my time when buying branded stuff, because, well, money doesn’t grow on trees and I don’t really see the need to get all designer all of a sudden (and yes, I’m still kuripot at heart). Also, since it’s in a very light color it would mean it will get dirty pretty soon and I might need to replace it, so all the better if replacing it won’t cost me an arm and a leg.  And yet, it’s made of leather and is very light. I don’t like structured bags (as you can tell from this bag post) – I prefer them slouchy and big so this was perfect for me.

This bag packs a lot! I was able to fit my Olympus micro 4/3 camera, my bulging kikay kit,  my wallet, Joey’s change of clothes, plus two cellphones, and it still looked roomy enough for more.

Up next, is a shiny, leather logo bag also from Coach. Now, thank goodness for outlet stores! I got this bag at a third of its original cost! I’m not into logos really, and  gravitate towards designer stuff that have discreet logos but this one is in a lovely shade of chocolatey brown and gold hardware which I knew my mom would love (this bag eventually ended in her Christmas stocking) and it’s riddled with lots of C’s, my initial, so I had to get it.

My third purchase is this beautiful jacquard bauletto bag from Prada. It has two short handles and a detachable strap should you want to use it as a shoulder bag and trimmed with gold hardware. I just love it! It’s also quite roomy like my yellow Coach bag (even roomier, if you ask me) and I have been using/abusing it on an almost daily basis. It does have a Prada label in front, which I would remove if it were up to me, but at least it doesn’t scream too loudly.

Well, I guess these bags jump start my designer bags collection, although I don’t really foresee myself investing heavily on these stuff… at least not until my next trip. Hope you like this little bag post! 🙂