Christmas Wish List


Just a few more weeks before Christmas and while I am not materialistic (well, not much), I do have a couple of things I would be more than happy to find in my stocking come Christmas day.

Clockwise, from top left:

  • Metallic gold flats, Repetto – I got my first pair from this renowned ballet shoes maker in Paris last year, and have never looked back since. They’re just too comfortable. A bit expensive, yes, but you do get what you pay for. I only wish they’d come up with more styles and prints.
  • Atlas bangle, Tiffany and Co – I love anything from this store. My heart flutters when I see that robin’s egg blue box. I love the Roman numerals and that not a lot of people know it’s Tiffany (at least not where I am from, where the only design people are familiar with is the toggle bracelet with the return to Tiffany heart charm).
  • Tiffany T Square bangle, Tiffany and Co – I love the classic design and since I’ve taken to wearing bracelets again, I can’t stop thinking about these bangles. I am usually averse to anything that screams the logo or the brand name, but this was so tastefully and subtlely done you hardly notice what it stands for.
  • Tokidoki for London Sole flats – my other favorite flats brand has a collaboration that is so quirky I just got to have them. These flats are also very comfortable and not quite as expensive as Repetto, especially if you stick with the basic designs. Plus, they have lotd of prints and material to choose from.
  • Atlast hoop earrings, Tiffany and Co.
  • Musical jewelry box, Pottery Barn – I just died when I saw this. I can’t even believe I haven’t bought it yet. You see, I used to have a similar one when I was a girl which I really loved. It broke and the I lost the little ballerina but ever since I entered adulthood, I’ve been on the lookout for a similar product. It’s only now that I found one. Heck, I want this so badly I probably woudln’t make it to Christmas without buying it.
  • Return to Tiffany mini-heart tag earrings – I know I just said I hate logos or anything recognizable but I would make an exception for this one for the simple reason that I already have the necklace counterpart (courtesy of the hubby).
  • A shell carved cameo – I am obsessed with cameos, especially those that have lockets. But it’s so hard to find anyone who sells them here in Manila. In fact, I don’t know of any at all. But I would really love to have one. It’s a childhood obsession of mine.

I hope the hubby is reading this. I always make it easy for him to give me gifts but he rarely takes the hint I usually end of buying for myself. Actually, we’ve even gone so far as to go to the mall together so we can get Christmas gifts for ourselves. Hahaha!

What about you? What’s on your list?

*pictures taken from company websites

Christmas Came Early: The Jewelmer Noel Pendant 2014

Okay, as I wrote about here, I am seriously in the middle of a pearl obsession. To make matters worse, my boss, who noticed that I’ve recently taken to wearing pearls in the office, texted me at 6AM to inform me that Jewelmer has just released the Noel Pendant, their annual holiday offering.

IMG_4531It is available in silvery white and golden south sea pearls mounted on a specially designed pin (which changes every year!) made of either yellow or white gold, and hangs on a silver or golden silk cord (depending on your choice of pearl).


For those who find the other offerings of Jewelmer quite beyond their budget, this is a perfect starting point – I think it’s the most affordable piece in their showroom but will add that oomph to an otherwise ordinary outfit. The Noel Pendant is available until December 31 and if you’re seriously thinking of buying it, I suggest you head over to the nearest store so you get first dibs. I was told by the SA that I am actually the first one to buy the pendant at their branch this year and so, was very lucky because I got to pick the biggest and most blemish free of the bunch.

*Okay, I just realized how bad the photo quality is. But the thing is, I sort of accidentally doused my trusty mirrorless camera back in Europe and even though I’ve spent more than five times the amount it would have cost me to buy a new one, I can’t get myself to do so. Haha, priorities, right?

A Mother’s Day Foodtrip at Project Pie

My family and I aren’t big fans of eating out when I was younger. Sure, we’d go out every once in a while but we didn’t consciously do it whenever there were occasions or events. During birthdays, we would just cook special meals at home and let the birthday celebrator pick his/her gift. Our dining out thingies were more spur of the moment decisions, like when we’d all get in the car with no itinerary and decide to go eat sinigang and inihaw in Tagaytay. Looking back, I think this is why as grown-ups, my siblings and I never felt forced to throw a bash or buy gifts or anything – we were raised by parents who valued more the thought of being together for a momentous event and making someone happy, while at the same time being practical about it (at a time when just about every classmate was throwing a party every other weekend, my parents would tell me, would you rather have a party and have no money after or have a simple dinner at home and have money?). 
Well, I may have been raised that way but given my stubborn nature (that’s the one constant adjective that people seem to come up with hen asked about it), I decided to throw a devil may care attitude last Mother’s Day and treat my mom and siblings out for lunch (the dear old man’s not invited since he and mama are still not on speaking terms) at, where else, but the newest pizza place near our old house (we are suckers for pizza – more on that later)?
I am thanking my lucky stars even now that Fairview Terraces, a new Ayala mall, has opened just a short distance from our house. I mean, I love SM coz they’ve got it all for me, but the place is just too crowded and at the risk of sounding snobbish, I always fear for my bag whenever I’m in an SM mall (based on previous experiences). And I am thanking my lucky stars even more that Project Pie has a branch there. 
What’s special about this place is unlike other pizza parlors, you get to make your pizza from scratch (or from dough, hahaha) following three simple steps.
1) Choose whether you want white (olive oil) or red (tomato) sauce.

2) Choose your cheese, and believe me, they’ve got plenty: mozzarella, feta, blue/gorgonzola, ricotta, and parmesan.

3) Choose your toppings: pepperoni, sausage, crumbled meatballs, bacon, chicken, prosciutto, anchovies…

I took my sweet time picking my toppings. I like making pizza at home and putting loads of cheese on it so I really enjoyed the process. Hihi.

Okay, my mama, who is a Piscean by the way (yes, that makes all the difference because in case you haven’t noticed, people born under that star sign tend to have difficulties in making decisions, pizza included), couldn’t make up her mind. Hahaha.

After that, the pizzas are heated up in a “really, really hot” oven.

I got red sauce (duh), mozzarella, blue cheese, feta, pepperoni, pineapples, mushrooms, onions and rosemary on my DIY pizza. Plus, a bottomless order of peach iced tea.

But in case you’re not feeling up to the task, you can just “order by number” and select from one of their pre-arranged pizzas. Not bad at all, really. They cost more or less the same (Php 245/Php 285). I’m actually quite surprised at how relatively cheap the pizzas were.

You can order beer, in case you’re the pizza/beer type. Me, I don’t drink beer (or soft drinks, FYI).
Little bro and little sis. They used to call me the “bully” ate. In fact, my brother’s classmates called me the monster, presumably because I am the strictest sister this side of the planet.

Hubby and me. He already finished his pizza, but he still ate half of mine. Sheesh.

Okay, one thing I splurged on: I got my mama a new phone. 
Not that she needed me to buy it for her – it was one of those things she would never get around to buying herself (trust me, she can spend tens of thousands on a new music player or a new gas range, but she would never spend for a cellphone). In fact, as I was paying for the phone, I was half scared she’d get mad coz I am spending money on a gift.  You see, my parents never ask or expect gifts; even when I’d go out on trips abroad or during Christmas, they would only ask me what I did and where I’ve been. If I so much as give them a bag of imported chocolates, they would freak out because they would rather that I save that up for retirement or the kids’ education than on something less tangible (they’re not stingy in case you’re wondering; they just didn’t want us to grow up with that sense of entitlement and they’re just both really good at handling finances, which hopefully rubs off on me really soon). So giving a sorta expensive gift was kind of a big deal.

Hurray! She likes it! (breathes a sigh of relief)

The day we were there, Project Pie was also having a little artsy thing going on. They had the pillars outside the store decked in canvas and drawn with thought bubbles where customers can put quotes or anecdotes according to the three tenets of Project Pie: Design, Build, Eat.

The second one from top, left, is what my mama wrote. Unfortunately, she used a yellow pen which wasn’t exactly the best option. She couldn’t even read it after she finished writing it. Hahaha.

My brother was a bit more, err, creative, although the little sis did all the writing (the little brother has questionable handwriting skills).

How about you? How would you design your pizza? 🙂


2013 may have been a very bad year for our country and for a lot of people (judging from the news feed on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts), and in some ways, it was for me as well. But there were a lot of good things that happened to too, several items I was able to cross off my bucket list, which makes the year that was quite an awesome one, overall. 
  • Went on two out of the country vacations this year. Hubby and I have clashing schedules (it ain’t easy planning trips between a workaholic journalist/professor and a workaholic accountant in operations) so I’ve pretty much toned down my travel goals – go on at least two domestic and one out of the country trip during the year. After years of nagging the hubby, we finally went on a trip to Europe. Granted, the latter half of it I spent touring Belgium by myself and I wasn’t able to make the most of the trip since I was like a fat walrus, but eating Laduree macarons on the steps of Versailles, going on a cruise down the Seine River on my birthday, hearing mass at the Notre Dame, and time-travelling to the middle ages in lovely Bruges more than makes this mini-vacation one of the best I’ve ever taken.
  • This year too, we were able to revisit Cebu, if only for the weekend, which is a memorable place for us since we had our honeymoon there (and Boracay) seven years ago. We also went back to Bohol, one of my favourite spots in the country, and saw the old churches before they were destroyed by the devastating earthquake a couple of months ago. 
  • And as a bonus? I also travelled with two of my friends to Hongkong. I haven’t travelled out of the country with friends in three years and as much as I love our little family unit, it’s also nice to travel with friends, or even by yourself (which is practically what I did in Belgium this year, and in the US last year).
  • Bought a new car. Honestly, I was thinking of getting a new car in 2014 (along with having baby #2), but since baby #2 made an early entrance, then the car had to be bumped up a bit as well, out of necessity. See, our old sedan would have been too cramped what with four of us now (six, if the nannies tag along; nanny #2 will be reporting for work tomorrow). And you all know how much stuff a baby needs when travelling. It’s like bringing your own house.
  • Started my collection of designer shoes. And added a couple of little trinkets to my bag/wallet stash. This is not a hobby I’m particularly keen on growing (hello, money doesn’t grow on trees), but it doesn’t hurt to splurge every now and then. 
Bought my first Giuseppe Zanotti, Repetto, and French Sole (and I sneaked in some Longchamp rubber shoes). FIghting the urge to get a pair of studded Valentinos – see? Shoes are my weakness.

  • Made it to our family reunions this year. See, I’ve always had what I call the holiday curse since I was a kid. I was always sick during either Christmas or New Year! Last year, I spent the day before Christmas in the emergency room (and another day prior to that), getting shots for a wound on my foot and literally unable to walk because of an infected boil on my leg.
  • A new baby! I’m not as young and as strong as I used to be and I had a very lousy nine months, but seeing his cute face, even scrunched up while crying, erases all the pains. I now have two adorable little boys – and life is perfect. There are no words to describe this kind of happiness, or maybe I just become inarticulate all the time in the face of such joy.
Okay, so baby #2’s in a not so good mood here but this is the only photo(as of now) I have of the two of them together.

Funny, I was thinking 2013 was a bad year but just coming up with the list above suddenly made me realize how fabulous and blessed 2013 had been. Here’s to wishing 2014 tops it!

The World According to Joey: Christmas Party 2013

I have been focused on the new baby for quite some time now that I feel Joey resents it sometimes – staying up late for the baby,feeding him, bathing him, and just overall fussing about him. I still do stuff with Joey but we couldn’t go out anymore on our regular weekend bonding, at least until we get a new yaya for his baby brother.
Joey is also slowly becoming independent; I almost cried when he told me one day that maybe when he’s nine years old, he won’t sleep with us in our room anymore coz he won’t be needing me. I could only reply back to him that I hope he’ll always need his mom and wipe away small tears (okay, so maybe I am a little bit of a crybaby). 

Anyway, today was his school Christmas party and I was debating yesterday whether to join him or just let him go on his own.

Me: Joey, do you want mommy with you on your Christmas party?
Joey: What do you think, mom? (Trust me, he’s getting good at this kind of manipulating conversations)
Me: Well, I don’t know. You tell me.
Joey: Mom, what were the parents of my classmates doing in the Christmas party last year?
Me: Uhm, they went to the party with their kids?
Joey: Yes!
Me: So I guess I should go with you?
Joey: Mom! Of course! I would be the only kid with no parent.

Singing 12 days of Christmas. Oh, and those green pants? He was the one who picked them. The other time I let him pick a pair of jeans at the Gap, he picked a skinny pair. Guess I have a budding little fashionista? 😛
I unfortunately woke up late this morning (which is becoming a habit now, since I sleep around 4am when the baby finally gets exhausted enough to go back to sleep) and I was thinking of just sleeping in and letting his yaya go with him to the party. But I couldn’t bear to think of breaking Joey’s little heart so I told him to go ahead and I’ll catch up with him at school. 
And snob that he is, getting pissed off that his classmate holding the mic was singing off-key
When Joey came on stage to perform with his class, his eyes were busy scanning the audience – his reaction when he saw me was priceless. His face lit up and he started shouting “my mommy’s here!” It was quite amazing and humbling to realize that this little kid still needs me and that my presence means all the world to him. 
Joey made sure to have his turn at the face painting booth – he still hasn’t gotten over his Angry Birds obsession, as you can see above.
Sigh. Kids. They grow up too fast. I just hope that ten years from now, Joey would still need me.

V Day 2012

This year is perhaps one of the most memorable I’ve had for a couple of reasons (in no particular order, hehe):

  • Hubby surprised me with a bouquet of roses delivered to the office (although I actually got a hint yesterday when he asked me what floor my office was at the tower; I just didn’t point it out to him then coz I didn’t want to spoil the mood, hehe). What’s sweet about this is that this is the first time in six years that he gave me flowers (the last one was for my birthday back in 2006; he was feeling guilty coz he was on vacation in the US).
flowers from the hubby and a card from the boybie
  • Joey gave us a Valentine’s Day card. Even though he probably just copied it from the board, this is still the best card EVER. And his hugs and kisses this morning are undoubtedly one of the best presents I can wish for. 

  • Hubby and I decided to join the bandwagon and eat out. No, it wasn’t planned. We just got hungry after the traffic going home so we decided to try the newly-opened Gram’s Diner at the Fort.

Now, I’ve always been a fan of Gram’s Diner but this was many years ago; I’ve never been to Gram’s since they closed the Rockwell branch (the nearest branch I know of is at SM MOA and I’m too lazy to go there). I can’t even remember the menu (that long!) but I think they used to offer more choices. Anyway, the food was as good as I remember it; hubby and I finished off our salad and roast beef. A feat considering that we usually don’t eat an entire order of salad (and now you’re probably gonna ask me why we order it in the first place; I don’t know).  I like the cozy set-up of Gram’s (like Mr. Jones’ at Greenbelt and Mile-Hi Diner at Burgos Circle) – laid-back and yet not too casual like a fast food.

forgot the name – chicken/bacon salad ? – but they serve only one kind of salad so there. haha.

roast beef. order is big enough for two, just add extra rice. 🙂

And since it’s relatively new (I think it opened just a few weeks ago) and located in a not so convenient spot (for commuters, at least; it’s near the MC Home Depot, beside the drive-thru Starbucks), it’s not crowded so your time is not wasted.

Oh, and to cap it all off, I am munching gummy bears while reading a new book. 😀

I’m so OC – in case you didn’t notice, I arranged the gummy bears based on the colors of the rainbow, then backwards, then all white (to signify presence of all colors; but the truth is, I ran out of the other colors). 😛

2012 To-Do List

I wasn’t planning on making New Year’s resolutions because I would only end up breaking them, but I kind of wanted to join the bandwagon. Last year was a pretty darn good year and I have a lot to be thankful for but hey, tomorrow’s a brand new day so here at least is my 2012 to-do list, right on time for the Chinese New Year (though I am not Chinese, at all). 
  •  Take care of my health (and extend that to my family). I haven’t been taking good care of myself lately, missing doctor’s appointments, not taking vitamins, ignoring pains, etc. But I am kind of getting old so health should start creeping up my priority list.
Ok, I know I need vitamins, but to have received all of these vitamins during the holiday season is like  sending a rocket with the message straight through me.
  • Travel, travel, travel. 2011 was the first year in six years that I didn’t travel outside the country, either on business or personal trip, so I will try to make up for it this year. I should learn to plot my vacation leaves really well this year. (Oh, and to this end, I’ve already booked one trip abroad, and two local trips with the family. Yey!)
  • Buy myself a decent camera. I am such a scrooge; I’ve been telling myself I would get one but damn, I find them too expensive and I keep thinking I’ll just break it and waste all that money. But I promise, I’ll get a decent camera before I go on my trips this year.
  • Spend more time with Joey. I’ve been spending way too much time browsing the net, eating out, etc., and I realize that I haven’t even taught Joey how to read. And to think that I started teaching him the alphabet at two. My goal this summer is for him to finally be able to read. Heck, I’m such a bad mother – to think that I myself could read before my fourth birthday.
  •  Watch more movies. You all know how much I love watching movies but last year, I don’t know… I seem to have missed more good movies than watched and it’s not a good ratio.
  • Read more. I love books. I’m addicted to them – sometimes, I just leaf through them and smell them, which is why I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of electronic book readers. No matter how inconvenient and heavy books may be, nothing can replace them. Thanks to my team, I have one perfectly good book waiting for me. 
Yey! I waited for the English translation of this book for ages. Thanks to my team for this wonderful gift!
  • Spend less. I know I’ve earned some good money but where the heck are they? I should start saving up seriously. That means I am only buying one pair of shoes every month. Heck, this is going to be tough.
  • Spend more time with my family: my parents, my brother and sister, lola, everyone. I get to spend more time with my in laws than I do with them,which is kind of weird if you think about it, so it’s about time I make it a little even.
  • Work harder. I think I did a pretty good job last year (and the year before that, for that matter). But I intend to make 2012 even better.  I’m actually excited (workaholic much? Haha).
Oh, and here are some pics of our Chinese New Year celebration yesterday. 

Lots of food. And tikoy! 😛

Penguins and Sea Lions!

Finally! After a month’s worth of nagging on my part, hubby relented and took me and Joey to see the penguins at Manila Ocean Park. See, I’ve always liked penguins – maybe because I grew up having a penguin play set, the one which has three tiny penguins climbing up the stairs then sliding down. Plus, I find them cute and funny, the way they walk sideways, always looking like they’re about to topple down or something.
We got the Penguin Delight Package C for Php600 per head, which enabled us to watch the Sea Lion Show, Penguin Exhibit and Trails to Antarctica, and the Aquatica Musical Fountain Show. Priced just right, given that the upkeep of these animals must be expensive.
First stop – sea lions! Pardon the exclamation points. I must warn you this post is full of them. What can I say? I love the water, and that extends to all the inhabitants of any body of water. Ok, back to the sea lions. Did you know seals are different from sea lions?
Cuteness overload. While the sea lions performed the usual tricks of rolling over, swimming, and catch, it was still fun to watch. But I must say the performance of the sea lions at Ocean Adventure in Subic is better (but I believe it’s also more expensive). Joey would have enjoyed it except that we watched it out in the sun at 2PM so he was sweating and being an all-around bratty kid. 
Stadium where we watched the sea lion show (and the musical fountain show later that night). HOT!
Say hi!
Anyway, a good thing we went to the penguins after that, our main agenda for this visit. The area is actually on the second level (with the Oceanarium at the ground; we skipped this part since we’ve been there twice already); nothing grand here but they have installed a slide for guests (four at a time can go). Joey wanted to give it a try and I immediately said yes but as we were waiting for our turn, my knees were turning to jelly – what the heck was I thinking saying yes? I have a fear of heights and this slide spans half the perimeter of the massive room. Not to mention that I have to hold on to my seat and make sure Joey doesn’t let go of his, as otherwise, he might tip over and plunge to the side or tumble head first down the slide.
In any case, Joey did start to let go of his seat but a good thing that before he could remove both hands (and before I fainted or had a heart attack), the ride was finished. 
After that, it was penguins galore. If you’re just looking to watch the penguins, well, that’s precisely what you will do as they’re all locked behind a glass enclosure half-filled with water. But if you’re willing to spend Php250 (for one printed photo) or Php 400 (copies saved in a CD), you can go inside their “habitat” and feed them fish. Of course we were more than willing to pay Php400 for that. 😛
Feeding time!

Next stop, it’s the Snow Village. Honestly, it’s like walking into a large freezer, except that this one has plastic pine trees and snowmen and Santa. It was freezing cold in there; too bad I wasn’t prepared for this trip (we weren’t really supposed to go to Ocean Park that day) and didn’t bring my furrry winter jacket and mittens. We had to make do with the jackets they lend out for free, which, given that lots of people have used it, practically reeks of bad odor. Oh well.
Giant freezer. Brrrr!
Joey didn’t budge from the moment we stepped in to the moment we stepped out – Ipe had to carry him from one place to another as he refused to move or let his hands out of his jacket because of the cold. 

The sea lions, penguins, and Antarctica took a good two and a half hours and by 4:30, we were famished, having missed our lunch. And after standing in line for the most part, we really didn’t want to eat at the fast foods at the ground level. A good thing we spied this dimsum all you can at Makan Makan, the in-house fine-dining wing of the Ocean Park Complex. There’s only so much dimsum you can eat, but at Php350 per head, it was a steal, right? Plus, we needed the energy as we still had one activity – the Musical Fountain.
We almost didn’t get to see the Musical Fountain show as Joey wanted to go home already, but we managed to reach a deal with the little big boss and got him to stick around long enough to finish the light show, which started at 6PM. And a good thing we stayed. Joey couldn’t stop saying “wow” everytime the fountains would rush high up into the sky and when the mists would envelop everyone. 
I took a video of the entire light show but, it’s quite long, and rather than post it here, I’d recommend you go see it yourself. It’s not much but I’m sure kids would love it. I’d say it’s the perfect ending to our Sea Lion/Penguin trip on New Year’s Day. And judging from Joey’s contented sighs, I think this is the best New Year’s celebration we’ve had so far. 
Contented little boybie (my term of endearment for the kiddo – combination of boy and baby)
Check out the Manila Ocean Park’s website for the schedule and prices. If I’m not mistaken, their promos are only until January 15 so you’d better hurry!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!
It’s actually the first NYE that the little family unit spent away from our house. The usual routine would have me cooking something for the media noche feast and then lighting up some sparklers while simultaneously blowing our horns in the streets with the hubby and kid.
As luck would have it, I was sick for the last four days and while browsing through the net one time, I figured, why not eat at a buffet for a change and check-in somewhere in the Metro?

Arctic Hall at Hotel H2O

first live band of the night, played while we were getting food

yep, it’s food come tonight

salad – just had to pretend; of course I ate it, along with the other stuff you see in the photos

mallows and candy-coated chocolates!
dumpling and siomai 😛
halo-halo, which was really good! what milk did they use?

I can’t really say much about the food – wasn’t really spectacular. Lots of choices yes, but I didn’t like any of them, save for the thermidore and fish fillet. A good thing I got the 50% off deal over at one of the group buying sites as it’s honestly expensive to pay Php1,500 per head for the kind of food served that night. Even the dessert was lacking and I only like the halo-halo for its milk. 

Joey met another boy at the party and started blowing the free horns handed out my the hotel staff
Joey’s newest furry friend, Angry Bird, just had to join us


Anyway, they started giving out free cocktails around 11PM so I didn’t feel too bad anymore. In any case, there was a live band playing and they were REALLY good. Seriously. The girl sang Adele’s and Katy Perry’s songs effortlessly.  Plus, we were right by the bay and you all know how I love the ocean.
The Chill Factory – I love them; they’re good and you rarely hear me say this of live performances.

And hey, it’s new year’s eve, I’m feeling much better (after downing two painkillers), I’m with my family. That’s all that counts.


Family picture on the deck, waiting for the strike of 12

Christmas 2011

Christmas Party at Republiq – great company though I did get hungry (and my hair smelled realllly bad):

Dinner with Ipe’s high school barkada at SM North…and a photo op at the North Pole-themed Sky Garden:
dessert at this little cafe at the Sky Garden – forgot the name though

The best custaroons ever from my friend Neri. I’ve been wanting to buy these custaroons but I only know of their Eastwood branch, and I am too lazy to go there:

Finally setting up our Christmas tree the day before Christmas. Talk about last minute. Oh, and I did my shopping only last Thursday. I literally dropped from exhaustion. Well, that’s what happens when you work 11 hours straight then shop for four hours straight without even stopping for dinner. Whew.

Christmas Eve mass at the Sta. Ana Church in Taguig, before we started our food giving:

Joey opening his presents. Tons of presents, might I add. Courtesy of doting titos and titas and just about everyone. It helps to be a really sweet and cute little kid. Now I don’t have to buy him any new toys until next Christmas. Hehe.

Going home to my parents’ house and seeing our old dog Britney looking, literally, like a pig. Seriously, did I tell you she suffered s stroke and just flopped on the floor unmoving? And she had to undergo emergency operation coz she couldn’t give birth to her puppy. Papa was beside himself with grief (as in he was breaking down into sobs on the phone when he called me up to tell me Britney was at the vet, haha!). She’s doing fine now, obviously.

Joey with his cousin JC “from the far place” as he calls it. My sister lives in Cavite and works the night shift so we rarely see each other. 

Finally getting a mini-tripod so we can have a decent enough family photo (I still insist on us having a studio pic sometime soon).

Not officially together anymore, but hey, at least we’re all in this picture, right? I’d settle for this photo, for now


Christmas this year was hectic – we started late, around noon, since we were too tired from all the preparations and food giving the night before. Plus, we had two reunions to go to this year on the same day, and they weren’t exactly right next to each other. Usually, Christmas Day is spent with my side of the family (my father’s side, actually, in Bulacan), as it has been a tradition to hold the family reunion on this day for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, Ipe’s side also decided to bump up their reunion on the same day so you can say we were literally driving all over Bulacan and Metro Manila. But hey, at least we made it. Too bad we were too bummed to make it to my tita’s house in Manila. I would have loved to end the day with her fabulous cooking.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas like I did.